Magistrate Crystal Cleveland’s LLC EVinfinite in Bankruptcy Court

Published 12:38 pm Tuesday, September 26, 2023

According to PACER, a government repository of electronic court records, EVinfinite filed for bankruptcy February 14th, 2023, and the case is still awaiting closing as of Sept. 26th under petition number 23-10113-AEC.
214 Daniel Street, property of Magistrate Crystal Cleveland’s LLC EVinfinite, was listed for sale in a legal published August 23rd, 2023 with a sale date set for Sept. 5th. As of September 26th, the county still lists EVinfinite as the current owner.
The legal notice stated that the sale was by virtue of the Power of Sale contained in the Security Deed from Crystal Cleveland and EVinfinite LLC to LendingOne, LLC. The reason listed was failure to pay monthly loan installments. LendingOne advertises Fix&Flip Loans for renovation projects.
According to the Georgia Secretary of State’s site The Georgia Corporation’s Division, EVinfinite LLC was formed August 29th, 2017. It also lists EVinfinite Source Corporation which was formed March 18th, 2018. It is listed as a domestic nonprofit corporation. It lists Crystal Cleveland as the CEO, Keeutae Kleckley as the CFO, and Adrica Mann as the secretary. The physical address listed for both is 200 Cotton Avenue.
The Georgia Corporation’s Division lists the physical address for the company as 200 Cotton Avenue. According to Sumter County records, qPublic, EVinfinite bought 200 Cotton Avenue on March 24th, 2021. 200 Cotton Avenue was then sold to Simmons Land Company May 2nd, 2023. This property was served with a no trespassing notice on July 13th, 2023.
The notice was addressed to Cleveland, stating:

“We have been retained by Mark Simmons and Simmons Land Company, LLC, who have reason to believe that you, companies with which you are involved, or others acting for you, on your behest, or with your advice and assistance are trespassing upon and using his commercial building at 200 Cotton Avenue, in the City of Americus without his permission, and without any legal right to do so.”

The notice was posted by Beamon Law, LLC. The lawyer responsible for the notice was unavailable when contacted.County records also list another sale to the Simmons Land Company of 122 Cotton Avenue on May 2nd, 2023. According to county records, it was originally bought by EVinfinite March 24th, 2021 from Simmons Land Company.
When asked about EVinfinite in an interview on August 5th, 2023, Magistrate Cleveland explained particulars concerning the business venture.
“There’s EVinfinite, and then there’s EVinfinite Source Corporation. The source corporation’s our non-profit. Over the years we’ve done community tournaments-well fundraisers that ended up being tournaments. The first year we did Christmas for a family in need. The second year, I think we ended up doing something for Thanksgiving to provide Thanksgiving meals.”
She did mention that she had recently been less involved in the company.
“I don’t have the time at all, to be honest. The break that I’ve had from not teaching at least these two semesters has really given me time to reorganize, refocus. My mom’s getting ready to retire, so she can take on a little bit more of the admin.”
But when asked about whether she was aware of the no trespassing notice, she mentioned having counsel. She did clarify when asked if she was uninvolved.
“No, I am involved in the company as far as the COO, but I’m not involved as far as hand’s on, every single day.”
When the property at 214 Daniel Street and 200 Cotton Avenue were brought to her attention, she mentioned that both properties were involved in a federal civil suit.
“When it comes to both of these properties, they were involved in that federal lawsuit, or that federal civil action.”
She explained further.
“This has been in federal court. We had previously had counsel. That counsel was sanctioned by the federal court, so that led us to having to get new counsel.”
She said a police report was also associated with one of the properties. She also gave some background on the loans.
“The fix and flip loans, they are termed. Once they term, it goes into a particular position, so that’s again, something we delt with, with the federal civil suit.”
She did disagree with the dates listed by the county.
“A lot of the dates are incorrect.”
Cleveland was reappointed on Sept 12th to a four-year term on the Schley-Sumter-Macon-Webster-Taylor Joint Development Authority ending November 14th, 2027.
Cleveland’s lawyers have not provided a statement as of this time.