County Commissioner’s Hear Election Update

Published 3:52 pm Thursday, October 19, 2023

The Board of Commissioners met on the 17th of October. Chairman Waddell and Commissioner Ried were absent. Commissioner Jessie Smith acted as chair.
Baldwin made a motion to adopt the agenda, seconded by Commissioner Jones, passing unanimously.
The Chair of the Board of Elections, Dr. Shirley Latimore, addressed the Board of Commissioners.
“The election started out yesterday October 16th. During that time, Andersonville had three that voted and Leslie had six that voted. Today, October 17th, Andersonville had seven that voted, and Leslie has six that voted.
And we were talking about voters that were registered. We are talking about 253 for Leslie, and for Andersonville, we are talking about 171. We are looking for and anticipating everything is going well and we are looking that that will continue at this point.”
Sherrif Eric Bryant brought a request to replace aging vehicles.
“Enterprise indicated that they had ten of those vehicles. Of course my wish list would be to be able to acquire all 10 of those vehicles but realistically we are definitely asking the county to look at a funding source to at least fund five of those vehicles.”
Bryant also gave updates.
“We are going to have a major jail walk through. We want to make sure that we don’t have any maintenance issue that inmates are able to walk out. I think that’s a big thing up in Bibb County now. It’s boiled down to manpower and or the number of arrestees. You don’t have an opportunity to inspect the facilities like you should. So we are definitely doing that to make sure that those that we detain stay detained until we release them.”
The Board then discussed the State Court Indigent Defense Contract.
Volley addressed the Board.
“We did receive the proposal from Mr. Beamon. Our current budget, what we budgeted for the contract, was $150,000, this proposal came in at $175,000. However, since we only would start this new contract in January, the cost for this fiscal year would be an additional $20,500.”
Jones questioned Volley.
“Did he mention why it was a $25,000 dollar increase?”
Volley replied.
“I would assume on cases.”
Baldwin commented.
“I would like to know if there is a significant increase on cases.”
Bryant stated that the transfer of medical services for the jail had occurred last Sunday.
“Things are going well for the transfer with the new medical provider.”
Volley addressed the Board.
“I did speak with Chairmen Waddell in regards to the District Attorney’s budget. It was my recommendation to give the District Attorney’s office another $30,000 dollars.”
The Board then voted on funding the Rock Hill Park Parking lot.
Baldwin made a motion.
“I make a motion that we approve the request for the $37,331.44 funds coming from the splost funds, with a portion of it to be reimbursed hopefully through the contingency funds from the State.”
Jones seconded the motion, passing unanimously.
Baldwin made a motion to reappoint Wesley Scott Ivey to the Board of Tax Assessors, which was seconded by Jones, passing unanimously.
Baldwin made a motion to accept the State indigent defense proposal, Jones seconded the motion, passing unanimously.
Baldwin made a motion.
“Motion to approve the change to the District Attorney’s Budget, adding $30,000; $15,000 to each category.”
Jones seconded the motion, passing unanimously.
Heather Tyler, code enforcement officer, gave an update on the litter issues on McMath Mill Road.
“We did contact the DNR. They will be coming in probably within the next week to start patrolling McMath Mill Road a little bit for ‘littering’ that’s out there.”
Baldwin gave an update on the public safety radio system.
“All of the infrastructure is already here and put in place. By next week we are hoping to actually have sections that go live.”
Baldwin made a motion to adjourn, Jones seconded it, passing unanimously.