SGTC Holds Workshop on Coping with Anxiety

Published 4:15 pm Tuesday, October 24, 2023

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By Pat Peacock


AMERICUS – South Georgia Technical College held a workshop for students recently on understanding and coping with anxiety. Dr. Michele Seay, SGTC Psychology Instructor, facilitated the workshop, which was held in Hicks Hall on the college’s Americus campus.

Seay defined anxiety as an apprehensive uneasiness or nervousness over a stressful situation. She pointed out that different people will experience anxiety in different ways: some will have general anxiety that is persistent but manageable, while others may suffer from acute anxiety attacks.

“Most people experience a sense of feelings of fear, nervousness, and worry from time to time,” Seay explained to the students. “Regardless of how many credit hours you’re taking in a semester, dealing with anxiety and depression is never easy. Anxiety is a part of how you respond to stress.”

Common symptoms of anxiety may include: feeling nervous, restless, or tense; having a sense of impending danger, panic, or doom; increased heart rate; rapid breathing, sweating, trembling; feeling weak or tired; trouble concentrating; and difficulty sleeping, among other issues.

Seay outlined several potential causes of anxiety not related to an underlying condition including stress from work, school, relationships, emotional trauma, financial concerns, and health concerns. She also said certain medications, as well as consumption of alcohol or drugs such as cocaine, may lead to feelings of anxiety.

To combat anxiety, particularly as it relates to the stresses of school, Seay encouraged students to seek out effective coping strategies. She suggested students try deep-breathing exercises and meditation. She also emphasized the importance of maintaining a positive outlook. By finding healthy ways to manage stress and anxiety, students can improve their quality of life and increase their academic performance. Carrying these healthy practices forward will help students make the most of their lives in college and beyond.

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