Planet Fitness comes to Americus

Published 1:50 pm Monday, November 6, 2023

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Club Manager Dominique Flowers gave a tour of the new Planet Fitness Gym on 1610 East Forsyth Street on November 1st. Planet Fitness plans to open by November 20th.

Flowers described the operation.

“Everything from the ground up is brand new. Equipment, TVs, computers, tanning beds, massage chairs, hydro lounge, everything is brand new.”

He also broke down the two membership options.

“The classic membership is $10 a month. Right now everything is 25 cents down to join, but once the grand opening presale is over with, the classic membership will go up to $49 down, $10 a month, and the black card is a $1 down and $24.95 a month, with no commitments, you can cancel anytime. There is a $49 annual fee that comes out two months after you sign up, so if you were to sign up today, that annual fee would come out January 1st, and then you wouldn’t be charged until that next January 1rst. And the annual fee just pays for the maintenance.

So with the classic membership, if you sign up at this club, this would be your home club, and you just have access to the cardio and weight lifting. With the black card, this would be your home club, but you could still use any club in the nation but if you have billing or anything like that you can come to this club. You have access to the black card spa, that’s all the massage chairs, you can bring a guest, and you get half off on drinks and you have discounts on perks on the apps. Both memberships, classic and black card, come with a personal trainer if you need it.”

He showed the benefits available to black card members, including the hydro lounge.

“There is water pressure that goes up and down the back of your body, basically massages you and loosens up your muscles or any kind of pain you might have in your back or in your neck, calves, feet. We have four massage chairs, two in each room, with a flat screen TV. Black card members can use those as often as they like.

So if you just want to come in after work, use the massage chair, and then use the hydro lounge, and then use the wellness pod, you can do all of that. Some people get a membership just to tan. What we have right here is a hybrid booth, and this is a mixture between the tanning booth and the red light therapy. So what the red light therapy does, it’s like a skin toner, it helps with cellulite, it helps tone and replenish your muscles, and also the floor shakes. It shakes and it forces you to tense up your muscles so it gives your muscles a better tone.”

Flowers showed the parts of the club available to all members.

“We have almost 30-40 treadmills We have about 10-12 Stairmasters, and those are very popular. We have ellipticals at the front, we have bikes.”

He showed off a machine in one of the work out rooms.

“We call it the TX machine. It’s really like a CrossFit. You can use it in a circuit if you want to. You can do pull-ups, you can do chest, triceps, biceps, we have kettlebells, monkey bars, it’s really take your pick.

This whole room, there is so much space, people get the sit-up mats to do sit ups, we have the new yoga or stretching bars. We don’t have the free weights like the bench press, but we do have a number of dumbbells, curl bars, we have three curl bar racks, three dumb bell racks.”

He summed up the opportunities.

“This room is really like a free for all room. So much space, you could hold a practice back here if you had to.”