County Commissioner’s Approve Lobbyist and Discuss Board of Elections Attorney

Published 4:45 pm Tuesday, December 19, 2023

On the 12th of December, the County Commissioners reconvened in the Board of Commissioners room after deciding to approve the solar field.
Jolena Seay presented information to the Board on the Community Home Investment Program or CHIP grant that was available.
Jim Littlefield presented information on the methane gas collection and monitoring system on the landfill. Littlefield mentioned that there are eight wells actively pumping methane and seven to eight passive wells that allowed gas to escape.
“The active system is what keeps landfill gas from migrating toward Rock Hill subdivision back when that was an issue. It’s been years since that has been an issue.”
He mentioned that the original plan to was put a pump in each of the wells but only eight were installed due to budget issues.
“We are proposing to leave the eight pumps in the active wells. . . this proposal here is for Oasis for a six months period starting in January until we are through with this project to monitor the leachate in all the wells and move the pumps around as needed.”
Littlefield mentioned an option to leave the eight in the current wells and buy three more that could be moved between the remaining wells as needed.
Chairman Mark Waddell entertained a motion to approve Oasis consulting services for $44,245 from the bond fund for the landfill. Smith made a motion, seconded by Jones, with the motion carried.
The Board then discussed the Coleman Talley lobbyist agreement.
Baldwin commented on the number of entities planning on participating.
“Who is going to give the lobbyist himself his marching orders?”
Commissioner Jessie Smith expressed support of the agreement.
“We got representatives, but they don’t ever come share anything. We shouldn’t have to call them. We should be informed.”
Baldwin questioned what portion of the cost they would bare.
“How many entities will be sharing the cost?”
Waddell commented that six would be involved, splitting the $36,000 cost.
Waddell entertained a motion to participate in the Coleman Tally lobbyist agreement and pay their equal share. A motion was made by Smith, which was seconded by Jones, and was carried.
There was a discussion of the Sumter County Humane society, ranging from issues including a lack of specific budget kept by the society and the need for spaying and neutering raised by the society. Baldwin mentioned potential stiffer penalties for repeat offenders running puppy mills as a solution to the pressing issue of capacity, and Waddell mentioned the need for continued cooperation with the City for any new agreement for the facility.
Afterwards the Board went into executive session. After reconvening Reid made a motion to repeal resolution 219-083. The measure involved the Board of Elections.
Baldwin questioned Reid.
“That’s the resolution for the party appointments?”
Baldwin and Reid voted to repeal, Smith and Jones voted against, with Waddell abstaining. Smith questioned Reid’s desire for repeal. Reid responded.
“The previous one that this repealed, it stated in there that the county attorney would serve as the board of elections attorney. That is missing from this one, and there has been a lot of controversy, and I think we need to repeal this one and rewrite it, and to be honest with you the one that was back in 2008 I like it a whole lot better than I like this one. I think that would eliminate a lot of the controversy.”
Waddell commented.
“Instead of repealing it, why don’t we adjust it? Because if you repeal it, then there is nothing.”
Hooks clarified the issue with the Board of Elections causing controversy, which was the current lack of an attorney present at meetings. She explained why an attorney was no longer present.
“They were exceeding their attorney’s fee budget over the course of the lawsuit they had last year.”
Afterward the Board adjourned.