County Administrator Rayetta Volley’s Retirement Party Held in Court Room A

Published 11:04 pm Thursday, January 11, 2024

Dozens from across the County gathered in courtroom A to give a warm farewell to retiring County Administrator Rayetta Volley. County Commissioner and Chair Mark Waddell made an address, remarking on her ability to remember the past history and decisions of the Board. He praised her as being “consistent, dedicated, and reliable” and said she would always be remembered.
Former County Administrator Bill Twomey also gave an address, remarking on the “institutional knowledge” that would be lost upon her departure. Twomey talked about how the minutes recorded a history of decisions, but Volley remembered the why of each decision, which is the knowledge that is important in current decision-making. He concluded with a quote:
“A lady knows when to take her leave. Rayetta has made that decision. Godspeed.”
Allyson Drinnon, field representative for Sanford D. Bishop, presented Volley with a plaque on behalf of Bishop to commemorate her service.
Tim Estes, Director of Sumter County Parks and Recreation, spoke warmly of Volley. He recalled one of the first things Volley had told him once she took the job.
“I feel like you are doing a good job and I want to be a help to you.”
Estes talked about how she continued that initial spirit of cooperation, talking through issues together.
Sherrif Eric Bryant gave a humorous and heartfelt address, constantly remarking on the length of years Volley had served, through four judges, two Representatives, and one Federal Representative. He also presented her with a plaque to commemorate her service.
The final address was Volley’s.
She thanked everyone for coming out to support her. She said she had done the best she could during her twenty-one years of service to the County and thanked everyone for the fun and life-changing moments.
Afterward, those gathered enjoyed a meal, after which Volley cut cake to celebrate her career.