Mayor LE “Boze Godwin” Resigns

Published 9:59 am Friday, January 19, 2024

The Plains City Council met on January the 18th. The City Council heard an update from the Baldwin Insurance Agency.
Mayor “Boze” Godwin made a motion to accept $1,686 for cyber insurance after updates from the agent that Plains could be a potential target.
Medlock made a motion, seconded by Edge, which passed unanimously.
Godwin made a motion to accept the general liability policy for $25,030.
Council Amy Wise made a motion to accept it pending adjustments, which was seconded by Council member Dr. Andrea D. Oates, passing unanimously.
Cynthia Bagwell, city clerk, tried to read a statement from Godwin, but was too overcome by emotion to continue. The insurance agent offered to read the statement for her.
“It’s been both a pleasure and honor to serve the citizens of Plains as mayor for almost 40 years. Plains has been the home of my family for three generations and a place my wife and I chose to raise our family. We didn’t raise it alone, we had the help of our entire community, which made them feel like we were part of a very large family and develop love and respect for all people. I wouldn’t change a thing. I felt like it was time for me to step down as mayor, let someone else take up the responsibility, my wife and I had health problems that had made us realize that if we had things we would like to do, then we had better get started while we can. My children had been telling me this for the past several years, I therefore resign my position as mayor of Plains at the end of the regular council meeting at January 18th of 2024. I would like this opportunity to express to the council and the employees of the City how much I appreciate the support that you have given me over the years. We have all worked very hard to give our citizens the best service that we could and financially operate within our budget. In other words, look out for their money. I don’t just feel like I am leaving a job but leaving a family. Thank you for your friendship. I love you all. Sincerely, Boze Godwin the third.”
Eugene Edge also addressed Godwin.
“You are going to be totally missed.”

Godwin served as mayor from 1979-1984 and again from 1988-2024, making for a total of 40 years as mayor.