Kairos PeMo’s Coffee Shop Sets up in The Maze

Published 10:17 am Saturday, February 3, 2024

A new coffee shop has set up in The Maze, located 131 W Forsyth St, Americus, GA 31709. Peter Horton, originally from Savannah Georgia, talked about how he came to be serving coffee in the area.
“My stepdad was a methodist pastor, so he relocated to Ellaville. Basically that’s how I ended up around this area. I had moved away for college, gotten married, and was living in Illinois for a period of time. My wife’s always been super into coffee, worked in a bunch of coffee shops in Dallas Texas and Illinois, and she managed her brother’s coffee shop in Illinois before we made the decision to come down to Ellaville and start a coffee shop about a year ago. We saw a spot open in the Maze and thought it would make a great place to have a slow bar type coffee shop, so that’s what we wanted to aim for.”
Horton directed interested customers to their website for a menu.
“We do have online ordering, so they can order ahead, and place a time to pick it up.”
He mentioned several examples of popular drinks.
“Some of our most popular are the Boston Vanilla Latte, our Cinnamon Roll Latte is pretty popular. I’d say The Frozen Caramel is probably our most popular frozen drink. Any of our lavender lattes, very popular.”
He mentioned a lot of customers used their own creativity.
“People honestly come up with their own things. They love doing that. We have some customer favorites. One’s called the Megan Special. A customer created it, came up with it, and it was a huge hit. Another one of our customers, Tiffany, that was another really popular drink.”
He mentioned a few food items.
“We serve pastries, and hopefully we’ll incorporate some kind of food items in the near future as well.”
He talked about his enthusiasm for the new venture.
“We are really excited to be here, excited to serve people, build relationships with the community here, and serve great coffee.”