Daughters of The American Revolution Award Posthumous Medal of Honor

Published 7:07 pm Monday, February 19, 2024

The Daughters of the American Revolution met in the old Carnegie building to posthumously award the DAR Medal of Honor to Rosalynn Carter. The DAR Medal of honor is the highest honor awarded by the organization. Steve Short, guest services coordinator and relative of the late Rosalynn Carter, addressed those gathered, talking about the significance of Rosalynn Carter’s life on an international and personal level.
“She was a caring person who dearly loved all of her family. Of all of the U.S. First Ladies, several have been iconic and left their mark on history there’s no doubt, but none have had more of an impact on me and many of you in this room than Miss Rosalynn. She will always be known as a voice for mental health and human rights. Years ago Times Magazine referred to her as “The second most powerful person in the United States.
Miss Rosalynn’s grave stone is inscribed with the wording, founder of the Carter Center, Founder of the Rosalynn Carter Institute, First Lady of Georgia, and First Lady of the United States. But for many of us, she will always be first in our hearts.”
Afterward, Linda Bartlett gave a biographical address on Patriot Nathan Murray, the Revolutionary War ancestor shared by three members of the DAR including Rosalynn Carter.
Chaplain Virginia Lingelbach presented the medal to LeAnne Smith, a relative of Rosalynn Carter, who received it on behalf of Rosalynn Carter. After receiving the award, Smith mentioned the accomplishments of Rosalynn Carter that stood out.
“I always go back to the Guinea worm in Africa and her working with Uncle Jimmy. But any effort he did, she was always his right-hand lady.”
Smith listed other accomplishments, from Habitat for Humanity, the Rosalynn Carter Institute, and the Food Drives in Plains.
She talked about what it was like to accept the medal.
“It was a great honor. They talked to me way back in October, and I’ve done lots of interviews with different stations about Aunt Rosalynn and Uncle Jimmy and their accomplishments and legacy, and it’s always really an honor and humbling to be in the position to accept awards like this for her. She was such a positive impact on the world, such a nice sweet generous lady, just full of love and compassion and empathy, and hope for the world was for people, and for people to live in better conditions, whether it be housing, food, medical, mental health. It was just trying to make the world a better place, and to be able to accept the honor for her, I’m beyond proud.”