School Board Hears from Architect Greg Smith

Published 7:16 pm Monday, February 19, 2024

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Exemplary Students were as follows: For Pre-K, Dorien Oliver, for Kindergarten, John Horn, for first grade, Aurielle Bridges, for 2nd grade, Emilendy Cean Hilaire, for 3rd grade, Rileigh French, for 4th grade, Jamier Cross, for 5th grade, Catherine Rueda, for 6th grade, Gabrielle Atkinson, for 7th grade, Madison Daniels, for 8th grade, Mikael Dutcher, for 9th grade, Shannon Jackson, for 10th grade, Joshua Coleman, for 11th grade, Jesstynie Scott, for 12th grade, Austin Bridges.

Sumter County Middle School Recognitions were as follows: Student Kylar Woods, Parent Shaneka Eberhardt, Teacher SaRea Roberts, Custodian Robert Walton, nutrition worker Tiara Solomon, and support staff Betty Allen.

Sumter County School Recognitions were as follows: Business Partner Don Porter, Community Partner Divine Nine Sororities and Fraternities, Central Office Staff Member Kristal Minter, District Director Mark Hamage, Maintenance Staff Member Jerrel Shaw, and Transportation Staff Member Johnny Peavy.

Architect Greg Smith addressed the Board with property updates.

Smith mentioned that there where three primary areas of the roof that needed to be addressed. Carolyn Hamilton mentioned the roof.

“The roof was the most expensive part of the project, and we agreed that’s what we were going to do. But now, we’ve taken it out.”

Smith stated there was a need for direction of scope. Barnes questioned the remaining life of the roof. Smith responded the life expectancy was fifty. Barnes responded that the roof was 44 years old. Barnes, Hamilton, and Kearse expressed support for changing the roof instead of repairing it.

There was also a discussion of the security vestibule in the front of the school and safety concerns. A restructuring of the entrance was discussed by utilizing the media center. Knighton said that the governance team would have to decide, as it would affect the project.

Barnes commented.

“There is a record vote that says this Board voted to spend $6.1 million on this project.”

Kearse mentioned that they do not have $6.2 million in the capitol spending project, mentioning the need to decide on a bond.

Smith then addressed the Ag Multipurpose complex the school planned to build for students to learn agricultural skills.

Kearse asked what would be left after the recent cuts to stay within budget. Smith answered that they would be left with the same footprint. Smith stated there was a need to sit down and prioritize items.

There was a discussion on the potential need for an extension to use the ESSER funding that is slated for the project.

Barnes mentioned that bleachers and pens appeared to be potential cuts. Barnes questioned the use without pens. Smith responded that the list was to identity the source of cost. Grants were discussed for items that might not fit the budget such as cannery equipment.