Development Authority Celebrates Growing Industry Community

Published 8:19 am Friday, April 26, 2024

Press Release by Sumter County Development Authority.

Sumter County, GA – April 24, 2024 – Sumter Authority board members and staff recently hosted their third annual Burgers & Business to recognize the thriving manufacturing and industry community. The event, which took place on April 23rd, was attended by manufacturing and industrial business owners and managers, affirming the robust support and engagement of the local business community.

The event began with opening remarks from Rusty Warner, the Development Authority’s executive director. He expressed gratitude to the attendees for their support and emphasized how the county’s success impresses incoming projects and attracts new businesses.

Introductions began with the recognition of many company leaders and representatives, Sumter cities, Sumter County government, state government, education leaders, and Development Authority members.

Chairman Paul Hall expressed gratitude to the attendees and hailed the event as a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the manufacturing and industry community. “It is a rare privilege to witness such a dynamic assembly of industry leaders under one roof,” remarked Chairman Hall, noting the event’s importance.

The networking portion of the event then began with drawings, an invocation by Chairman Hall, food, networking opportunities, and the exchanging of business cards.

Sumter County in Georgia has gained recognition for both its burgers and its business opportunities. Not only are the burgers getting better every year, but the event is enjoyed by more and more manufacturing and industry businesses. According to Warner, the leaders and dedicated employees of these companies have a synergistic relationship.

Several companies showcased their products and services, allowing attendees to learn more about each other and network with like professionals.

About the Americus Sumter Payroll Development Authority:
The Americus Sumter Payroll Development Authority has a highly engaged board responsible for cultivating new business opportunities while strategically balancing workforce development and infrastructure enhancements. The Authority consistently promotes our county and always looks for innovative strategies to attract and retain businesses, positioning Sumter County as a premier destination for industry and commerce.