Health inspections: Jan. 9, 2015

Published 3:00 pm Sunday, January 11, 2015

OGLETHORPE — The following food service inspection was conducted recently by Macon County Environmental Health.

• Papa’s Pizza to Go, 506-D Spaulding Road, Montezuma — Dec. 29 — 100 A

AMERICUS — The following food service inspections were conducted recently by Sumter County Environmental Health.

• American Legion Post 558, 116 Ga. Highway 30 West, Americus — Dec. 29 — 70 C

— ServSafe Certified Food Safety Manager certificate is expired (October 2014). Need to provide documentation to the Health Department of someone signed up for a ServSafe Manager’s class within two weeks.

— Observed no soap at hand-washing sinks in kitchen and in back men’s bathroom. Soap should be provided at all hand-washing sinks.

— Observed macaroni salad held in home-style refrigerator at 50 degrees F. All time/temperature control for safety foods need to be kept at 41 degrees F. or lower. Macaroni salad was discarded.

— Observed macaroni salad held past use-by date of Dec. 17, 2014. Food was discarded.

— Observed no thermometers provided in refrigerators. Thermometers should be provided in all refrigerators to ensure that food is being kept at proper temperatures.

— No chemical test kit available for checking the sanitizer levels in sanitizing buckets or in the three-compartment sink. Need to order test strips for chlorine.

— Exhaust hood/fire suppression system is not currently inspected and tagged. Fryers or cooking equipment on top of stove is not permitted until system has been inspected and tagged as operational.

• Americus-Sumter County Senior Center, 717 N. Jackson St., Americus — Dec. 24 — 99 A

— Observed quat sanitizer system at three-compartment sink empty. Person in charge will replace the quat sanitizer or bleach will be used. Corrected On-Site.

• Forsyth Bar & Grill, 124 W. Forsyth St., Americus — Dec. 23 — 82 B

— Observed ServSafe certification expired (12/14/14). Need to provide proof of registration for food safety class by Jan. 7, 2015.

— Observed raw animal products (fish, beef, etc.) being stored next to and above ready-to-eat foods (condiments and bread crumbs) on two separate shelves in walk-in cooler. Raw animal products need to have proper separation from RTE foods (store below RTE foods or on a different shelf). Corrected On-Site.

— Observed a gallon of milk with the date mark of 12/18/14 being stored in the refrigerator. Milk was discarded. Corrected On-Site.

— Observed insides of freezers and ice maker with gaskets in poor repair, not closing tightly, cracked inside and not cleanable. Need to repair/replace so that food and non-food contact surfaces are smooth and easily cleanable.

— Observed food debris and crumbs on shelves in food prep area and build-up on the back of the food prep table/cold-hold. Observed grease build-up on stove vents. Clean these areas by Jan. 7, 2015.

• LB’s Bar & Lounge, 116 W. Lamar St., Americus — Dec. 30 — 97 A

— Observed food and grease debris on sides of fryer, under hood and on back wall. These areas need to be cleaned to prevent possible contamination and attraction for pests. Observed tin foil lining a storage shelf in prep area of kitchen. Need to remove foil to allow for a smooth, easily cleanable surface.

— Observed Corona boxes and other trash littered around dumpster. Need to keep this area clean and free of debris build-up.

— Remarks: Nothing was being cooked at the time of inspection.

• Medea’s Diner & Bakery, 105 Rucker St., Americus — Dec. 22 — 100 A

• Magnolia Manor Nursing Home, 2001 S. Lee St., Americus — Dec. 24 — 91 A

— Cooked potentially hazardous food (turkey ) not cooled from 135 degrees F. to 41 degrees F. within dix hours. Temperature was 45-48 degrees F. after cooling overnight.

• Middle Flint Behavioral Health Care, New Beginnings, 852 Anthony Drive, Americus — Dec. 30 — 99 A

— Observed lid on dumpster was left open and trash inside was not tightly bagged. Need to keep dumpster closed and bag trash securely so as to keep pests out.

— Remarks: Nothing was being cooked or prepared at the time of inspection.

• Oishii Buffet, 1712 E. Lamar St., Americus —Dec. 23 — 90 A

— Person in charge needs to perform duties of training and monitoring employees to provide adequate food safety.

— Observed crab salad, macaroni and cheese and dry meal, etc. uncovered and subject to contamination. Corrective Action: Foods were properly covered with lids or plastic wrap.

— Observed dish machine not dispensing proper amount of chlorine. Test strip would not read. Maintenance was called for repairs. Bleach was changed out and machine worked better with the new bottle. Corrected On-Site.

— Observed TCS (Time/Temperature Control for Safety foods (wings, egg rolls, etc.) on buffet at less than 135 degrees F. TCS foods cannot be less than 135 degrees F. Recommend using time as a public health control for these thin meats. Discussed with person in charge.

— Observed TCS foods with no date marking. Observed inconsistencies in date marking. Food should be dated when prepped, portions moved from a large pan.

— Observed scoops stored with handles in food (macaroni and cheese, rice, etc.). Handles were placed up out of food. Corrected On-Site.

— Observed clean washed pans stacked improperly (stacked on top of each other wet). Need to stack pans so that they can properly air dry.

— Observed inadequate test strips for checking chlorine sanitizer level. Test strips will be ordered.

— Observed large build-up of ice in walk-in freezer on floor and around door due to door not closing tightly. Also observed large stack of boxes piled up outside of the back door. Need to have these broken down and removed within the next two days.

— Remarks: Temperatures in cold-hold were said to be a little warmer than what is acceptable (41 degrees F.) because they were made that day or had just been used.

• Perfect Care Inc., 114 Sullivan Drive, Americus — Dec. 31 — 90 A

— Observed mashed potatoes in hot-hold unit at 123-133 degrees F. Potentially hazardous foods need to be kept at 135 degrees F. or higher for hot-holding. Discrepancy in mashed potatoes appeared to be due to part of the steam table not being covered. Covered with another pan and temperature was corrected. Told employees to keep other areas of steam table covered to help keep foods hot while they are loading the steam table. Corrected On-Site.

— Observed mechanical dishwasher only reaching temp of 100 degrees F.; temperature is supposed to read 120 degrees F. Ran several more times and temperature finally got up to 115 degrees F. Need to get water heater for dish machine serviced (within two weeks or less). Correct By: 01/14/2015.

• Quality Inn Restaurant, 1205 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Americus — Dec. 29 — 80 B

— Food Safety Manager needs to provide training and monitoring of critical processes such as cooling and proper disposition/date-marking.

— Observed pallet of raw shell eggs sitting on prep table at room temperature (72 degrees F.). Employees should only take out as many as needed or use time as a public health control if the eggs are going to be left out. Corrective action: Eggs were boiled.

— Observed lasagna stored in walk-in cooler at 45-48 degrees F. Lasagna had been made and cooled the previous day (cooled overnight). Temperature was still not down to 41 degrees F. for cold-hold. Improper cooling of food. Food was discarded. Must cool from 135 degrees F. to 70 degrees F. within two hours and then from 70 degrees F. to 41 degrees F. within four additional hours. Corrected On-Site.

— Observed ham dated 12/18/14 and spaghetti meat sauce dated 12/18/14 stored in coolers past seven-day hold time. Foods were discarded. Corrected On-Site.

— Observed chicken salad in cooler with no date-mark and shell eggs taken from original container with no date-mark. Must date-mark foods made in-house and held for greater than 24 hours. Must have expiration date on eggs taken out of the original container. Dates were placed on foods. Corrected On-Site.

— Observed scoop handle stored in contact with food (dry meal). Need to store scoop with handle up out of the food. Corrected On-Site.

— Observed sheet pans stored in clean utensil area with heavy build-up of encrusted food debris/grease. Need to clean to remove build-up.

— Observed lids missing from dumpster. Need to repair or replace lids so that they can be opened/closed. Correct within two weeks. Correct By: 01/14/2015

• Ruby Tuesday, 102 Lonnie Lane, Americus — Dec. 30 — 100 A

• Southern Hospitality Inn and Suites, 1611 E. Lamar St., Americus — Dec. 24 — 77 C

— Current Certified Food Safety Manager (CFSM) certification is expired (4/23/14). Documentation should be provided within next two weeks that someone is registered for CFSM class.

— Observed no paper towels at hand wash sink in kitchen and restrooms. Soap needs to be provided in dispenser form. Towels provided. Corrected On-Site.

— Observed cream cheese stored in a container that was chilled/frozen (?) at greater than 41 degrees F. Temperature/Time Control for Safety (TCS) foods must be cold-held at 41 degrees F. or less. Will be discarded at the end of breakfast.

— Observed no hot water provided at hand wash sink in employee restroom (women’s). Hot water needs to be provided/repaired within the next seven days.

— Remarks: Informal follow up within one week,; full follow-up within 30-60 days.

• Subway No. 3553, 1039 E. Forsyth St., Americus — Dec. 22 — 87 B

— Observed open bag of chips on prep table in back of restaurant. Employees may only eat in designated areas, as they risk contaminating foods for restaurant service if they do otherwise. Employees were informed of where they can eat. Corrected On-Site.

— Observed hand washing sink for employees in back of restaurant was out of paper towels. Paper towels were supplied on a prep table further away from the sink than acceptable. Paper towels were replaced. Corrected On-Site.

— Observed tuna salad in prep table/cold-hold with a temperature of 55 degrees F. This product should be held at 41 degrees F. or colder. Tuna salad was thrown out. Corrected On-Site.

— Remarks: Items in walk-in cooler and on prep table were a few degrees warmer than 41 degrees F. This may be due to equipment issues or from the restaurant being busy. The sliced turkey was removed from the prep table and placed in the freezer to cool down. The Health Department will bring by a temperature chart to help record temperatures and maintenance will be called to check the coolers.