Health inspections: Jan. 23, 2015

Published 7:00 pm Sunday, January 25, 2015

AMERICUS — The following food service inspections were conducted recently by Sumter County Environmental Health.

• 1800 Mexican Restaurant, 329 W. Lamar St., Americus — Jan. 8 — 95 A

— Observed no paper towels available at any of the hand washing sinks. Towels were replaced. Corrected On-Site.

— Observed grease build-up on nozzles over grill and on hood. Observed area under exhaust (from hood located on the outside of the building) had build-up of grease on equipment and on ground underneath it. Need to clean and maintain these two areas to prevent grease build-up. Health Department will check again in two weeks.

— Remarks: Fire suppression system check is expired (as of November 2014). Need to have checked and re-charged ASAP.

• Burger King No. 4633, 922 E. Lamar St., Americus — Jan. 12 — 93 A

— Observed thermometer broken off/missing in reach-in cooler. Thermometers should be provided in all coolers to help monitor temperature. Thermometer was replaced. Corrected On-Site.

— Observed breaded onion rings spilling out of original package and onto other surfaces in the walk-in freezer. Foods need to be kept protected during storage. Onion rings were discarded.

— Observed lid to outdoor garbage receptacle not fitting tightly over top; was partially up in the air. Lids to outdoor receptacles need to fit tightly to prevent pests from entering.

• Domino’s Pizza, 611-A E. Lamar St., Americus — Jan. 16 — 100 A

• Granny’s Kitchen, 118-A U.S. Highway 19 South, Americus — Jan. 8 — 91 A

— Observed various items in walk-in cooler stored improperly (i.e., ready-to-eat ham next to and below raw hamburger meat). Raw animal foods need to be properly separated from ready-to-eat foods. Items were moved. Corrected On-Site.

• Pizza Hut, 1206 Crawford St., Suite J, Americus — Jan. 20 — 99 A

— Observed washing machine only reaching 100-110 degrees F. when it should be reaching 120 degrees F. Get maintenance to fix machine; use three-compartment sink in meantime.

• Roman Oven, 1604-H Vienna Highway, Americus — Jan. 13 — 90 A

— Observed six large stock pots of spaghetti sauce held in walk-in cooler that were above 41 degrees F. Sauce had been made around 11 a.m. and was in the cooling process. Protocol for cooling specifies that food must be cooled from 135 degrees F. to 70 degrees F. within the first two hours and then from 70 degrees F. to 41 degrees F. within the next four hours. If the temperature of the food does not reach 70 degrees F. within the first two hours, the food must be re-heated to 165 degrees F. and the cooling process must be started over. The sauce was re-heated to 165 degrees F. and the cooling process was re-started. Corrected On-Site.

— Observed part of lid to outdoor refuse was broken off/missing. Refuse area needs to be repaired. Contact the City.

— Remarks: Ranch dressing had just been made and was cooling. Chicken wings were thawed earlier.

• South Georgia Technical Institute, 900 South Georgia Tech Parkway, Americus — Jan. 9 — 91 A

— Observed (raw) pizzas being held in a reach-in cooler in dining area above the required temperature of 41 degrees F. All time/temperature control for safety (TCS) foods must be kept at 41 degrees F. or below. C/A: Pizzas were moved to freezer.

• Subway No. 23889, 110 U.S. Highway 280, Americus — Jan. 8 — 100 A

• Tracy’s Fried Chicken, 612 N. Lee St., Americus — Jan. 21 — 96 A

— Manager lacking proof of ServSafe Food Manager Certification. Certification expired October 2014. Need to provide Health Department (within two weeks) with documentation that someone is signed up for a class.