Man claiming to be former EMS worker arrested for drunk dialing 911 more than 100 times

Published 10:01 am Saturday, February 7, 2015

More than 100 unfounded 911 calls over the past month are being pinned on a Kingsley, Michigan man who told authorities “drunken boredom” and a nostalgia for his days as an emergency services worker drove him to dial the number.

Grand Traverse County, Michigan sheriff’s Capt. Randy Fewless said the man, 25, placed his last call Thursday evening from his mobile home. He said deputies arrested the man on suspicion of misuse of 911 after they traced that call — and scores more — to the residence.

“He indicated his justification was ‘drunken boredom,'” Fewless said.

The arrest ends what has been a nearly month-long headache for deputies. 

Fewless said a suspect made 106 calls from Cherrywood mobile home park from Jan. 11 to Feb. 2. He said the caller never made a sound over the phone until Thursday, once deputies finally stopped responding and driving out to the park. 

“They chose to not respond initially and prompted this guy to up the ante, if you will,” he said. “When the individual did not get a police response, that’s when he escalated his response by laboring his breathing.”

Fewless said 911 operators pinpointed the calls to an area around 6900 Cherrywood Drive. He said several deputies drove to the mobile home park, knocked on doors, and finally entered the man’s home, based on what they said was a call that indicated he’d been hurt and needed help.

The deputies conducted a warrant search and found six of seven phones used to call 911 in the past month, in addition to a handheld police scanner, Fewless said. The man eventually admitted he made the calls.

Fewless said the man told deputies he’d been drunk, bored and missed being part of “it” — work in emergency services. He said the man had an emergency services tattoo on his forearm and claimed to have been a volunteer firefighter, but a police report doesn’t state which department he may have worked with.

Matt Troutman writes for the Record-Eagle in Traverse City, Mich.