Tale-Tell Night at Southland

Published 12:00 pm Sunday, February 8, 2015

Fun is the best word to describe the teacher-led Tell-Tale Reading Night for the Southland Academy Lower School students. Over 100 students were captivated by their teachers, dressed as characters from intriguing, mysterious and entertaining books as they read excerpts or the entire children’s books to the young enthusiastic readers. From scholars, to hunters, to Dalmatians, to sly foxes, to crayons, to alligators, to dragons and so much more, the Southland teachers helped their students’ imaginations come alive while they were transported into a different time and place through books and stories. According to Alfred Mercier, ‘What we learn with pleasure we never forget.’ The traditional reading night is an event that Southland students will never forget. Shown from left are Dina Lightner and art teacher Jean Daniel, who were excited about reading their books to the Southland students.