Walmart customer returns insult with head butt

Published 11:26 am Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tax season may be one of the most stressful times of the year. People are even more on edge and angry depending on what what their statement reads.

This was illustrated Tuesday when argument between tax worker and a customer escalated into a fight at a Walmart in Texas. It was caught on video and has since caught fire on social media.

The video, which was shot on a cell phone by another customer, picks up with the Jackson Hewitt tax worker ( Alice Keener) telling the customer (Jessica Albitz), to take her poor (butt) out the store.

After the two exchanged a few more words about each other their “mommas,” Albitz head butted Keener and fight ensued inside the store. It included Keener banging the head of Albitz on a table at least three times.

The was broken up by other customers and Walmart employees after nearly a minute of action.

According to Albitz, who spoke to ABC11, the spat began the day before when she was there getting her taxes done with another worker..

“She came in in a bad mood, and so she took it out on us,” Albitz told ABC11. “She was very rude to us.”

But when Albitz came back the next day to do some shopping, the dispute boiled over into a physical altercation.

A trespassing warning was given to Albitz by the La Porte Police Department when the fight was over. No other charges were filed against either party.