GSW softball smashes five home runs in sweep of Fort Valley State

Published 2:00 pm Saturday, February 14, 2015

AMERICUS – The Georgia Southwestern women’s softball team won both games on Feb. 12 after 5 innings against Fort Valley at Lady ‘Canes Field, making their overall record 3-1.

GAME 1: GSW 10, Fort Valley State 0

The Lady ‘Canes scored 8 of their 10 runs in the first inning. With two outs on the board Lauren Thrasher hit one to left center sending her to second and Haley Goodson to third. Up next was Keri Tompkins who got a walk, so with bases loaded Allee Denney was up to bat and put on out to center field sending both Thrasher and Goodson home. With Denny on first and Tompkins on third Rachel McElroy stepped up and and hit one to third, sending Tompkins home. Chelsea Littlejohn hit one down the right field line sending McElroy and Denny home and got on third. After Warner walked, Kendyl Carver hit GSW’s first home run of the game sending both Littlejohn and Warner home. The Lady Cane’s ended the first inning with 8 runs, 6 hits and no one left on base.

The second inning gave GSW two more runs when Thrasher hit a single then stole second while Tompkins was at bat. Tompkins hit GSW’s second home run of the game to lead Fort Valley 10-0.

The game ended after Fort Valley had no runs in the fifth.

GSW had 21 at bats 10 hits and 10 runs, 2 of which were home runs.

Brittany Childs took the win for the Lady ‘Canes after pitching five innings and facing 18 batters. She gave up 2 hits, 0 runs and struck out 1.

GAME 1: GSW 12, Fort Valley State 2

Fort Valley scored one run in the first inning and GSW scored three. Erin Steele walked and then stole second with McElroy up at the plate who got on first on an error. After a sacrifice bunt from Goodson both Steele and McElroy advanced. Thrasher put one out to center field sending Steele and McElroy home. Tompkins walked and Denney reached first on another error. With bases loaded Kiley Doster was walked, sending Thrasher home.

Fort Valley scored again in the second after a batter was hit by a pitch and two other batters had hits. The Lady Canes scored three more in the second. Like deja vu uSteele was walked and stole second again. McElroy hit one to the left field sending Steele home and ending up on second and advanced to third on a wild pitch. Thrasher came up and hit one out of the park sending herself and McElroy home. GSW had three runs and three hits in the second inning.

Things heated up for GSW in the third inning with four runs scored. Littlejohn made it to first by an error and then stole second while Steele was at bat and advanced to third as Steele hit one to first. After McElroy grounded one to the short stop Littlejohn scored. Goodson hit one done the left field line and made it home when Thrasher hit her second home run of the game. Tompkins followed in Thrashers footsteps and knocked one out of the park.

The Lady ‘Canes scored two more runs in the fourth. Steele was able to score on a wild pitch and Thrasher hit one up the middle sending Goodson home.

GSW had 22 at bat, 9 hits and 12 runs.

Goodson took the win for GSW after pitching three innings and facing 11 batters. She gave up 2 hits, 0 run and struck out 4.

Savannah Carlise pitched two innings, faced 11 batters, gave up 3 hits, 2 runs and struck out 1.

The Lady ‘Canes are on the road this weekend in St. Augustine, Fla. to face Florida Southern in a double header on Feb. 14 and Barry University on Feb. 15 in another double.