Health inspections: Feb. 20, 2015

Published 10:00 am Monday, February 23, 2015

OGLETHORPE — The following food service inspection was conducted recently by Macon County Environmental Health.

• O & J’s Snack Shack, 624 Dooly St., Montezuma — Jan. 30 — 100 A

ELLAVILLE— The following food service inspection was conducted recently by Schley County Environmental Health.

• Subway, 103 Oglethorpe Ave., Ellaville — Feb. 5 — 96 A

— Observed employee eating off of a plate in food prep area and drinking out of an open cup. Employees may only eat in designated areas and may only have drinks in food prep areas that are topped with a lid and have a straw to help protect food from contamination.

AMERICUS — The following food service inspections were conducted recently by Sumter Environmental Health.

• 2 Dukes Bar-B-Que, 500 Tripp St., Americus — Feb. 6 — 99


— Observed no test strips for checking quat sanitizer level at three compartment sink. Find test strips or order more if needed.

• Captain D’s, 1305 E. Lamar St., Americus — Feb. 2 — 74 C

— Observed raw animal foods (fish) stored above Ready-to-Eat foods (toppings, sauce) in walk-in cooler. Need to keep raw animal foods properly separated from all RTE foods to protect from contamination. Foods were moved. Corrected On-Site.

— Observed several items in lower portion of prep table (stuffed crab, hushpuppy batter) with temperatures reading above 41 degrees F. All Time/Temperature Control for Safety (TCS) foods need to be kept at or below 41 degrees F., or only be held for four hours before being discarded. Foods were discarded. Corrected On-Site.

— Observed several food items that were prepared in-house (rice, coleslaw) being stored in the walk-in cooler without date marks. Items were marked according to the day that they need to be discarded. Corrected On-Site.

— Observed several employees wearing visors without a hair net or without wearing hair protection at all working in both the food prep area and the serving area. Employees wearing visors need to have a second form of protection on the top of their head in the form of a hair net (a baseball cap may be used in lieu of the hair net and visor combination; however, hair needs to be kept up and off of shoulders). Employees working the counter may go without a hair restraint if they are minimally handling food and do not enter the food prep area.

— Observed that the back area used for the mop sink and for washing fryer parts had a large puddle of water collected on a rubber mat. Walls and floor were in disrepair (showing signs of buckling, moldy smell, etc.). Need to install new floor drain in area where puddling is occurring and remove mats/renovate area. Also observed leaking from drain line coming out of the walk-in freezer resulting in puddling in dry storage area. Need to fix. Walk-in freezer had a build-up of ice on the floor and door due to door not sealing properly. These issues need to be fixed ASAP. EHS will be checking on these issues on follow-up visit. Correct By: 03/03/2015

— Remarks: Raw fish in walk-in cooler was higher than 41 degrees F. because it had been thawed and was in the process of re-cooling.

• Carter’s Fried Chicken, 206 Tripp St., Americus — Feb. 10 — 91 A

— Observed items (chicken salad, slaw, sliced tomatoes) stored in cold-hold on prep table in kitchen reading above 41 degrees F. All Time/Temperature Control for Safety (TCS) foods must be kept at -41 degrees F.; or the method of Time as a Public Health Control (TPHC) must be used, in which food is started at 41 degrees F. and then discarded after four hours. Manager is going to start implementing the TPHC method, and marking start times and discard times for food on the prep table.

— Observed TCS food (baked chicken) being hot-held at below 135 degrees F. All TCS foods must be kept at -135 degrees F. or discarded after four hours using TPHC. Food was re-heated to 165 degrees F. and held at -135 degrees F.

— Remarks: Will bring a Time as a Public Health Control sheet by for manager to fill out and show them how to implement using time on their prep table.

• King’s Deli, 101 W. Jefferson St., Americus — Feb. 12 — 82 B

— Observed warm cup of coffee on food prep table. Employees may not have open beverage containers in food prep area. Employees may only drink from a disposable cup with a lid and straw. Beverage was discarded. Corrected On-Site.

— Observed five pans of chicken that had been previously cooked the evening before being stored in pans (bagged) with lids. Chicken was temping at 52-70 degrees F., indicating improper cooling times. Potentially hazardous foods must be cooled from 135 degrees F. to 70 degrees F. within two hours and then from 70 degree to -41 degrees F. within four additional hours for a total cooling time of six hours. Chicken was discarded. Corrected On-Site.

— Observed chicken cooled improperly: too much chicken in pans; need to only add thin layer of chicken; do not place chicken in plastic bag until cooling process is completed and food reaches 41 degrees F. Do not put lids on pans until cooling is finished. Manager/owner needs to work with employees to re-train and monitor cooling process to ensure cooling guidelines are met.

— Remarks: Need to have fire extinguishers and fire suppression system checked.