Health inspections: Feb. 27, 2015

Published 2:00 pm Monday, March 2, 2015

AMERICUS — The following food service inspections were conducted recently by Sumter Environmental Health.

• Gladys’ Kitchen, 1009 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Americus — Jan. 29 — 91 A

— Observed dishmachine not dispensing sanitizer. Manager was adding manually; however, strength was too low. Chlorine sanitizer levels should be between 50-100 ppm for dishmachine. Machine should be serviced so that it will dispense proper strength of sanitizer. Until repaired, use three-compartment sink to wash/rinse/sanitize. (May add manually if proper strength can be achieved, only for next week.)

— Observed chicken and roast beef in walk-in cooler with date mark of 1/21/15 for prep. Should have been discarded by 1/27/15 (today is the 29th). Food was discarded. Potentially Hazardous Foods (PHFs) may be held for seven days only. Corrected On-Site.

— Observed dumpster lids missing from one dumpster and open on the other dumpster. Contact City for repair or replacement ASAP.

— Rice in walk-in cooler had been cooling for one hour.

• Oishii Buffet, 1712 E. Lamar St., Americus — Jan. 29 — 71 C

— Person in charge needs to perform duties of training and monitoring employees to provide adequate food safety.

— Observed no paper towels at employee handwash sink in front area. All handwash sink must have a handwash sign, soap, paper towels, hot water and a trashcan. Paper towels were replaced. Corrected On-Site.

— Observed hibachi chicken cooked in the morning stored covered in a cold-hold unit at a temperature of 71 degrees F. Time now was 3:30 p.m. Time/Temperature Control for Safety (TCS) foods must be cooled from 135 degrees F. to 70 degrees F. within the first two hours of the cooling process, and then from 70 degrees F. to 41 degrees F. within an additional four hours. Food was discarded. Corrected On-Site.

— Observed multiple pans of food in reach-in coolers in the kitchen area with no date marks on the pans. Need to put date marks on all TCS foods that are prepared in-house with the date that they were prepped. Corrected On-Site.

— Observed multiple wiping cloths on prep tables not stored in sanitizing buckets between uses. Also observed sanitizer in wash bucket with sanitizer level below 50 ppm. Sanitizer level needs to be maintained at 50-100 ppm.

— Observed rice in fruit/vegetable sink. Fruit/vegetable sink may only be used for washing fruits and vegetables.

— Observed spatulas used for grill stored in pan of cold water under grill on shelf. In-use utensils may be stored in food or liquids at 135 degrees .F or higher/ (or) under running water/ (or) on a flat, dry pan for up to four hours.

— Remarks: Nothing was being cooked at the time of inspection. Environmental Health will follow-up next week to provide training for manager and employees.

• Phoebe Sumter Medical Center, 126 U.S. Highway 280 West, Americus — Feb. 10 — 94 A

— Observed food debris on containers and slicer after cleaning. Observed food debris in utensil container stored on shelf. All food contact surfaces must be clean to sight and touch. Person in charge removed containers/utensils/slicer from shelf to be re-cleaned. Corrected On-Site.

— Observed wet stacking of containers after cleaning. Must properly air dry. Person in charge arranged containers to properly air dry. Corrected On-Site.

• South Georgia Technical College Culinary Arts, 900 South Georgia Tech Parkway, Americus — Feb. 3 — 100 A