Horticulture trip

Published 9:00 am Monday, March 16, 2015

South Georgia Technical College horticulture students went on a class trip to Cairo, Ga., to visit one of the state’s largest plant nurseries, Monrovia Growers, recently. Charlene Baxter, Plant Protection coach, showed and explained the operations of Monrovia Growers, whose Cairo location covers more than 1,100 acres of container plants, ranging from woody shrubs to perennial flowers, and was founded in 1887. This location specializes in holly and crape myrtle. It is owned by the well-known plant production company headquartered in California. SGTC’s horticulture students learned about Monrovia’s plant propagation, production, protection, and shipping techniques, as well as the nursery’s runoff management system. SGTC Horticulture instructor Mark Collier, accompanied the group. From left are SGTC horticulture students Marvin Smith, Jennifer Rix, Thomas Moore, Caitlyn Tietjen, Anita Johnson, Monrovia Growers Plant Protection Coach Charlene Baxter and T.J. Gresham.