What’s trending: Centenarian skydiver, record-breaking raptor, a dunking deputy

Published 9:13 am Monday, March 16, 2015

1. Happy 100th birthday, Georgina Harwood — you look like a skydiver and you act like one, too

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Next up for the South African great-grandmother? Being submerged in a shark tank. Seriously.

2. Raptor flights from tall, man-made structures are apparently a thing, and unless man gets around to building something taller than Burj Khalifa, Darshan the imperial eagle is going to hold the record forever

With a camera strapped to its back, the bird of prey descended 2,722 feet from atop the Dubai skyscraper, the tallest in the world, over the weekend in an event intended to promote endangered species conservation. The video of the flight was live-steamed by the BBC. And it’s stunning.

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3. The star of the latest viral video aimed at showing that cops are people, too may have missed his calling. If Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Erik Gransberg’s acrobatics at a recent high school assembly are any indication, he could easily score a gig as a halftime trick dunk performer if the whole law enforcement thing doesn’t work out. 

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