Health inspections: March 20, 2015

Published 3:00 pm Saturday, March 21, 2015

ELLAVILLE— The following food service inspections were conducted recently by Schley County Environmental Health.

• Main Street Grill, 15 E. Oglethorpe St., Ellaville — March 13 — 95 A

— Observed tables in dining area being cleaned with a vinegar mixture. Table sanitation must be done using either a bleach or quat mixture that can be measured with test strips. Corrective action: Need to get a spray bottle with proper sanitizer and use this to clean tables.

— Observed quat being used as a sanitizer for kitchen without any test strips available to test the concentration after dilution. Corrective action: Need to order quat test strips.

— Observed excess grease on grill and hood. Corrective action: Need to clean within next two weeks.

• Schley County Elementary School, U.S. Highway 19 South, Ellaville — March 13 — 91 A

— Observed Time/Temperature Control (TCS) for Safety food (hamburgers) being hot-held at temperatures below 135 degrees F. All TCS foods must be held at 135 degrees F. or higher (or) Time as a Public Health Control method may be used, in which food is discarded after four hours. Corrective action: Observed that temperatures may be reading lower due to door on the other side of the warming storage cabinet opening when front side is accessed. Need to have maintenance fix ASAP. Lunch is only served for four hours, and food left-overs will be discarded at the end.

• Schley County Middle-High School, U.S. Highway 19 South, Ellaville — March 13 — 97 A

• Observed fruit cocktail in individual cups on buffet line, not covered or protected from sneezing/contamination (part of pan was past the protection). Corrective action: Cups of fruit were removed that were exposed. In future, only 1/2 – 2/3 of pan will be put out so that it will be under the protective shelf/shield. Corrected On-Site.

• Remarks: Baked beans were cooling; can had been opened this morning.


AMERICUS — The following food service inspections were conducted recently by Sumter County Environmental Health.

• Hot Dogs, Cool Cones, 101 Church St., Andersonville — March 11 — 87 B

— Observed potentially hazardous foods — PHF — (sliced cheese, mayo) stored on counter at temperatures over 41 degrees F. All PHFs need to be stored at 41 degrees F. or colder or use Time as a Public Health Control and only hold foods for four hours. Corrective action: Foods were discarded.

— Observed large container of coleslaw in refrigerator with no date-mark and chicken salad that had been made yesterday (3/10/15) date-marked with a discard date of 3/18/15. All PHFs made in-house or taken out of their original container must be date marked for seven days, including the day it is made (for the chicken salad, this should be 3/16/15). Corrective action: All items were properly date marked.

• Zaxby’s, 1204 Crawford St., Americus — March 12 — 90 A

— Observed potentially hazardous foods on prep tables with temperatures higher than 41 degrees F. (i.e., cheese, tomatoes, boiled eggs). All PHFs must be kept at 41 degrees .F or colder or you must use Time as a Public Health Control, in which PHFs are only kept for four hours before being discarded. Corrective action: Need to fix tables so that they stay colder. Manager put in a work order, moved items to cooler for rapid cool down, and added ice to prep tables.

— Observed lids and door on side of dumpster both open. All access areas to dumpster need to remain closed at all times to prevent pests from entering. Corrected On-Site.