What’s trending: Ironic roller coaster rides, Rube Goldberg tells the Passover story, and Sheep Drones

Published 3:15 pm Monday, March 30, 2015

Here’s how the Internet started the week.

1. “She may not run as fast as she used to, but she’s still dependable.”

That’s Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams speaking to the media Sunday at a ceremony celebrating the 88-year-history of Coney Island’s Cyclone. So yes, that does make the iconic roller coaster’s first ride of the season the most ironic roller coaster ride ever.

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2. Students at the Technion—Israel’s Institute of Technology—are telling the story of Passover (which starts Friday) in the most creative way imaginable: with a Rube Goldberg machine. It’s kind of fantastic.

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3. Old sheep dogs in Ireland may just have to learn new tricks if they don’t want to go on unemployment. 

Meet Shep the Sheep Drone.

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