Your Opinions: March 27, 2015

Published 7:00 pm Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lee retired educators oppose diverting TSPLOST revenues to state

At the February meeting of the Lee County Chapter of the Retired Educators Association, which has numerous members from surrounding counties, the following legislative positions were adopted:

1. Opposed diverting SPLOST revenue from local governments and schools to fund highway needs, thereby jeopardizing projects the voters approved or placing the burden of raising taxes on local officials.

2. Opposed denying state funds for health insurance to bus drivers and cafeteria workers, who often work as much for this benefit as for the modest salary they receive.

3. Opposed the concept of any tax credit that has the effect of diverting potential revenue for public education to fund scholarships for private school students. The Georgia Constitution states that providing an adequate public education shall be a primary obligation of the state. Georgia has no constitutional obligation to support private education.

Robert A. Clay, Legislative chair

Lee County Retired Educators Association

Greedy old timers should be for growth

The views l share online are my views and well its like this I was born in America where we had freedom of speech back in the day. now if you disagree with the minority you are in the wrong. l hold true to my view l openly express my view. in the past l had employers try to tell me l had to shut up expressing my view because it would effect their business. one employer was threatened that his business would lose business from the city of Americus if l was not shut up. well this is where this leads me l will express my view of how l see this city crumbling before my very eyes. it saddens me to see such a wonderful city fall apart right before my eyes. and yet you try to say something you have to fear about losing your job. this has caused me to now have to seek work outside of Americus because the old dirty money still owns this town and will so for years and years to come l pause and think about the way our city could be if those greedy old timers had given her a chance to grow. a 45 million dollar high school would be needed along with more schools instead of down sizing. l guess in a way l am blessed that l am nearer the door out of this life than l am just getting started. God Bless each of you

Tony Smith


The greatest showing of love, admiration

For those who missed this occasion, you truly missed the Greatest Showing Of Love And Admiration that Americus and the surrounding communities will ever experience. The loving memorial services for Dr. Quint Weldon.

The entire experience was so uplifting and so filled with the same God given virtues of caring, love, friendship, and admiration that Dr. Quint Weldon himself carried with him his entire time on this good earth.

I personally grew up and attended church and related church activities with Quint’s entire family. The Weldon family.

Although I only met Quint on two memorable occasions: Once when he was first born when his parents, Tip and Betty Weldon, brought him to church for the first time in 1967. Secondly when he set up his Doctor’s office at the sight of temporary hospital provided by FEMA when Sumter Regional was destroyed by a tornado March, 2004,

I knew him by virtue of having known his fine parents and siblings. A testament of what love and friendship and living a good Godly Christian life really is.

Little did I or anyone but Quint and his Lord and Saviour know what a Promise Quint Weldon was for his purpose in life on this earth. Quint knew this from the beginning because he sang a song about it which was beautifully sang at his Sunday Services. “I Am A Promise.”

One can only compare the birth of Quint Weldon to the birth of Jesus Christ in his day.

Quint lived his life first for God, then family, then football. He achieved the purpose for his calling as a Doctor even after undergoing removal of a brain tumor at a very early age. Nothing would stop Quint from fulfilling his God given purpose with us.

For that we are all so very grateful and well blessed with.  Thank you Lord for another example of your wonderous and mighty omnipotent (all knowing) powers.

We are all truly humbled and extend our greatest thanks for such a wonderous showing.

With all our hearts let us all be forever grateful for the Greatest Showing of Love And Admiration and finest example of caring we will ever experience in real time.

We thank you Lord for sharing Quint Weldon with us.


Richard Deriso