Your Opinions: April 10, 2015

Published 12:00 pm Saturday, April 11, 2015

God bless a divided USA

There are those in our society who point to blacks as being the source of all problems big and small. Conversely, there are those in the black community that point to whites and claim that therein lies the cause of all problems afflicting the black community. No where is it more plainly seen that both are wrong than in Hussein Obama’s recent push for amnesty for illegal immigrants. A recent report shows that unemployment among blacks is currently nearly twice that of the national average. Furthermore, along with all the current job related statistics cited by the current president’s administration, you will not hear that the vast majority of jobs created since 2008 have gone to foreign born workers. You will also not hear that record numbers of Americans have just given up on rejoining the workforce.

No white folk…it is not blacks that cause the problems we face today. Black folk, whites are not the reason you ! cannot get ahead. Another big obstacle laid in your path as well as your children’s path was placed there directly by career politicians who have learned long ago the efficacy of implementing one of the oldest most effective military adages known … Divide and conquer. statistics cited came from …

God Bless the divided and rapidly being conquered US of A.

Robert L. Kite


Extractors and contributors

As I search the Holy Bible for answers to the complexities of life on earth, scripture is simplifying the reason for humanity confusion, as I study it. God’s word say It is more blesses to give, than to receive, and Paul went further in 1Corithians 10;24, He said we are to seek the things of other, more than our on wealth. As I look at the word extractors, it is symbolic of the majority of black Churches, and black businesses, who are continuously extracting the wealth of black people. In Americus we have over thirty black churches, and many prosperous black businesses, But we don’t have a learning institute, or a center for the advancement of black youths. Yes, this group of individuals are contributors, but only to their selfish desires. and, also to our youth rejection of education, and to their frustrations, and anger. So the black youths are encourage to live reckless lives, to the point of murdering each other, and having babies at the age of eleven. Where are the black leaders? Still referring their victims to the white Churches, and continuously blaming the white man, for the conditions which prevail over, and in/on the black culture. Our youth deserve better from the Churches, and black businesses, wake up””.

Jacob Battle Sr.