Do you agree or disagree with Governor Deal’s signing of HB1, which allows medical marijuana use for treatment of sickle cell anemia and other illnesses?

Published 4:28 pm Thursday, April 16, 2015

Governor Nathan Deal signed HB1, known as “Haleigh’s Hope Act”, into law on April 16. HB1 permits the use of cannabis oil to treat certain medical illnesses including sickle cell anemia, making Georgia the first state in the nation to include this condition for treatment by medicinal cannabinoid products. Do you agree with this decision?

C6929D00-D1A0-0001-427F6CF0B24242D0 Yes, I agree with that decision. 75
C6929D04-6C20-0001-E5171810BA6819B4 No, I do not agree with that decision. 18