Health inspections: May 1, 2015

Published 10:30 am Tuesday, May 5, 2015

OGLETHORPE — The following health inspection was conducted recently by Macon County Environmental Health.

• Casa Maya, 129 Cherry St., Montezuma — April 17 — 85 B

— Observed potentially hazardous food (PHF) cooling since 4-16-15 that was not cooled to 41 degrees F. within six hours as required. Withhold from sale.

— Observed cooling methods that did not cool PHF to 41 degrees F. within six hours. Cooling methods were reviewed with Certified Food Service Manager at time of inspection.

— Observed gray water leaking out on ground from uncapped pipe.

— Remarks: Follow-up to be conducted within seven days.


AMERICUS — The following health inspection was conducted recently by Sumter County Environmental Health.

• Anderson Station, 107 E. Church St., Andersonville — April 16 — 91 A

— Observed potato salad stored next to raw shell eggs. Ready to eat foods need to be stored above raw animal products (meats, eggs, etc.) or have proper separation. Potato salad was moved and properly separated. Corrected On-Site.

• Days Inn, 1605 E. Lamar St., Americus — 90 A

— Observed Certified Food Safety Manager certificate posted is for employee that is no longer employed at facility. Must have someone on staff complete CFSM training within 30 days. Corrected On-Site. Correct By: 05/21/2015

— Observed brown sugar stored in original bag (in refrigerator). Bag had been cut on side and used to scoop out product. Sugar was not properly covered and protected from contamination. Brown sugar needs to be properly stored in protective container, or wrapped to cover properly when in storage. Corrected On-Site.

— Remarks: Time as public health controld used for grits, gravy, oatmeal, waffle batter and strawberries. Procedure on file.