Your Opinion: May 8, 2015

Published 9:00 am Saturday, May 9, 2015

USPS can’t tell him where collected food goes

Citizens of Americus where does the canned goods go that you leave for the letter carriers on the second Saturday of May 2015? Unless something changes it does NOT stay in Americus. If you have a computer go to that is National Association of Letter Carriers and pull up frequently ask questions about the food drive. There is a question: Does my food donation stay local? The answer given: Yes all food stays in your local community. It is not shipped off to some regional distribution center. The food does NOT stay in Americus. Well fellow citizens I have personally been to the local Americus Post Office at least three times in the last nine months to ask where does the food go. Each time an official from a back office takes my name and phone number and assures me that I will be contacted. That has not happened yet and here it is time to collect food again. I ask this question for there are individuals in Americus that could benefit if the food stayed locally as they advertised. Fellow Americus citizens do you desire to find out where this food ends up? Thanks.

Wayne Gosa


Facts/evidence supports Perry’s statement

I read a disturbing article today of a Christians Teacher in Dublin Ga. who’s name is Nancy Price Perry, who teaches at one middle school. She made an accurate statement about President Obama, and his rejection of Jesus as the only way to reach God Almighty, and, the only son of Jehovah. There is only one part of sister Perry statement that may need to be explained, and that is when she said that all who voted for him are not Christians. Roman 1:32 will agree with her, but, many of them are proud, and ignorant of the word of Jehovah. And didn’t know what he stood for. Many are in Churches every Sabbath/Sunday, but blind, and dumb. Sister Perry I am giving them the benefit of the doubt, But, What will determine whether they are Christians, or anti-Christian, are this, are they for murdering God little people through the cruel and inhumane, and the vicious, torturing actions of (Abortion). And, are they in agreeance with the Devil’s lie, that All knowing, all seeing Jehovah, are Ignorant of his creation, and was confused when he create Adam, and extracted a rib from Adam, and made Eve. Remember Psalms 11:5 The Lord trieth the righteous, but the wicked, and him that loveth violence, God soul continueoosly hates. Psalms 5:5:6 say Jehovah hateth (all) workers of iniquity. Is the written Word of Jehovah, in agreement, with The Word Of Jehovah? If you agree with President Obama, (all) of you (need) to be born again today. Jesus/Jehovah is waiting for you to ask Him. Please body of Christ rally around, and with Sister Perry in Dublin, Georgia. Shalom.

Jacob Battle Sr.