Marriages: Aug. 26, 2015

Published 10:00 am Saturday, August 29, 2015

AMERICUS — The folllowing marriages were recently filed in the Sumter County Probate Court Office.
• James D. Wadkins and Mary E. Johnson, May 30
• Joe L. Powell Jr. and Angela M. Baisden, June 5
• Zachery A. Miller and Reyna L. Echeverria, June 6
• Eric H. English and Jennifer P. Rushing, June 9
• James E. Aldridge Jr. and Tenikkia L. Jones, June 9
• Sterlyn A. McCullough and Chloe S. Millsaps, June 13
• Jonathan P. Donnelly and Amanda D. Bruner, June 13
• Aretavis M. Washington and Kelly N. Henderson, June 16
• Fonzel J. Tullis and Quanesga V. Burton, June 19
• Kenneth D. Wiggins and Wendy C. Carter, June 19
• Darion D. Johnson and Teresa M. Dice, June 19
• Terrell C. Hoffman Jr. and Anna R. Champion, June 19
• Jesse B. Evans Jr. and Helen B. Carter, June 20
• James M. Harrison and Ashley M. Smith, June 20
• Bobby W. Duke Jr. and Kimberly S. Driver, June 20
• Michael A. Jackson and Keldra D. Green, June 20
• Steve Wiggins and Marianne H. Meyer, June 25
• William B. Vann and Lauren E. Shivers, June 27
• Hezekiah Ladson and Linda D. Brown, June 27
• Brittney A. Evans and Leahe C. Carter, June 30
• Juan J. Gomez and Dolores P. Vicente, July 1
• Donald F. Grimes and Patricia F. Garcia, July 1
• John L. Wilborn and Sana D. Lowell, July 2
• Robert L. Taylor Jr. and Brittney O. James, July 8
• Darrin T. Comstock and Shana L. Atkinson, July 10
• Joshua B. McElroy and Rebecca A. Wainwright, July 10
• Jonathan D. McMillan and Lakeisha D. May, July 11