Your opinion: Sept. 5, 2015

Published 12:47 pm Friday, September 11, 2015

Likes improvements in website, paper
I love the new look of the TR website. It gives a great initial overview of a wide variety of stories and provides quick access to the full story. Looks great and easy to navigate.
Congratulations on the changes there and in circulation. Looks like things are looking up for the TR.
Keith Wishum

Why has this one woman been incarcerated?
It is no secret that there are immigration laws on the books. The Law states that people should come here legally yet hundreds if not thousands of elected officials at all levels of our government consistently help, termed aiding and abetting, those criminals who choose to break our laws by not only officially turning a blind eye to their entry but by actually setting up an environment that encourages foreigners to continue to break our laws. This has been going on for years and, in spite of the growing concerns by growing numbers of Americans and legal immigrants, those enemies of American law are allowed to continue their subversion of America’s rule of law.
Now, consider if you will the recent incarceration of one small Kentucky clerk who refuses to take part in what many see as an abomination. Whether you are for gay marriage or against and regardless of your personal beliefs as to whether Kim Davis should be forced to participate in an official capacity in the union of homosexuals or not, you really should ask yourself why so many other “public servants” can get away with blatantly illegal behavior while this one woman has been incarcerated.
God Bless the near dead US of A.
Robert L. Kite

Every community needs a Rudy Hayes
I was very saddened to hear of the recent passing of Rudy Hayes.
“Mr. Hayes,” as he will forever be known to me, was a role model for many people through the years. He is one of the reasons Americus was such a special place to grow up.
As I was reminded on social media, many people have their own personal Rudy Hayes stories. That’s one of the things that made Mr. Hayes special — he was very generous with his time and contributed to many noteworthy memories for many, many people.
One of my special times with Mr. Hayes involved cheesecake, a New York City delicatessen, and witnessing a fellow Sumter Countian becoming President of the United States. Sixteen year olds don’t forget those kinds of experiences.
Mr. Hayes gave me one of my first jobs.  But he gave Americus something much more important. For many, many years, Rudy Hayes served as the conscience of Sumter County.
Every community needs a Rudy Hayes.
Frank Myers