ATR Wants Your Opinion: The Living Room Coach

Published 5:06 pm Sunday, September 20, 2015

There are few periods of the year more divisive than football season here in the United States and, with Americus situated squarely in the center of one of the most competitive football regions of the country, the excitement is increasing rapidly.
As the season progresses and the bitter rivalries become ever more competitive, we, at the Times-Recorder, would like our readers to share your opinions on your favorite teams. Do you bleed red and black, or orange and blue? Have you never missed a Georgia Tech game, or would you rather spend your fall Saturdays in Tallahassee cheering on the Seminoles? Do you prefer to watch your football games on Sunday, cheering on the Falcons?
How do you think your favorite team will perform in their next rivalry match? Do you think that your team’s offense has what it takes to go all the way to the championship. If not, which team do you think does?
With so many dedicated football fans in our community, we would like to give our readers a chance to express how much they pull for their beloved teams, what they think of the teams’ upcoming match-ups, or share a memory of a great game in a weekly column titled, “The Living Room Coach”.
Readers who would like to participate are encouraged to send an e-mail to with a subject line reading “Living Room Coach” and a brief description of why you are rooting for your favorite team and what you expect to see on the gridiron in the coming weeks. Entries chosen for publication will be included in the sports section of the next week’s Times-Recorder edition.
Thank you for reading. We look forward to hearing from you!
*All entries must include the author’s name and city of residency.
*Please limit entries to 300 words or less.
*Unfortunately, we are not able to publish every entry that we receive. Entries will be chosen for publication at the discretion of the Americus Times-Recorder’s editorial staff.
*Entries containing offensive or abusive language will not be considered for publication.