Health inspections: Sept. 30, 2015

Published 11:24 am Saturday, October 3, 2015

AMERICUS — The following food service inspections were conducted recently by Sumter County Environmental Health.
• Carmike Cinema 2, 1610 Vienna Road, Unit D, Americus — Aug. 12 — 93 A
— Observed employee food (pizza) stored next to beverages in refrigerator that are served to the public. Employees’ food should not be stored with the public food. Corrective action: Pizza was discarded.  Corrected On-Site.
— Observed no paper towels at employee hand wash sink. Need to fix dispenser or place the paper towels next to sink to be easily accessible.
— Observed broken lid for ice machine. Need to replace/fix ice machine lid.
— Observed no test strips for testing sanitizer. Need to order new test strips for quat sanitizer.
— Remarks: No Time/Temperature for control safety foods to temperature. This Carmike Cinema 2 does not need a Certified Food Safety Manager because they are exempt. [.03(3)(b)] States that food service establishments that serve non-potentially hazardous foods which require limited preparation, or those potentially hazardous foods which have been previously prepared in a permitted food service establishment, are exempt from having a CFSM. If the menu changes this exemption might change as well.
• Carter’s Fried Chicken, 1110 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Americus — July 28 — 99 A
— Observed a trash can in the employee bathroom without a cover on it. Trash cans in bathrooms should have a cover. Corrective action: A cover will be placed on trash can.
— Remarks: Using Time as the Public Health Control for fried chicken, vegetables. Procedure in folder.
• Knight’s Inn, 1007 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Americus — Aug. 13 — 90 A
— Observed no documentation for Certified Food Safety Manager certificate on display. The CFSM certificate should be on display. Corrective action: Owner will provide certificate by 8/20/2015.
— Spoke with owner about how they clean the tables and was told they use a spray bottle of sanitizer and a cloth to wipe tables. Explained to him to use a spray bottle and paper towel for each table. Corrective action: Will use spray bottle and paper towels.