Southland holds Allergy and Epi-Pen In-Service training

Published 5:03 pm Tuesday, October 6, 2015

School takes health matter seriously
AMERICUS — Southland Academy is being proactive in reducing the risk of the students’ accidental exposure to foods or other allergens which could cause a student to have a medical emergency.
The teachers and staff as well as the administration are working with students and parents to minimize risks of exposure to allergens and provide a safe educational environment for all students.
Allergies can be life threatening, and Southland Academy realizes that this is a very serious health issue.
Southland parent and nurse Terry Collins conducted an in-service for our teachers and staff.
Collins presented an educational PowerPoint as well as offered hands on demonstrations of the proper technique in administering an epi-pen.
Collins was instrumental in helping the staff become aware of triggers for an allergy attack, signs and symptoms of a child being in distress, and the necessary emergency procedures.
Representatives from the lower school, middle school, high school, administration and the office staff attended the workshop.
Southland Academy respects the severity of student allergies and is eager to assist our Southland families by being educated and proactive.