Your opinion: Oct. 7, 2015

Published 11:10 am Friday, October 9, 2015

Visitor very impressed with JROTC
Last evening after a day of extensive work in Macon I had the enjoyable opportunity to observe a few of Americus and Sumter County finest young adults as I had a chance meeting with members of the JROTC members while we all took advantage of a quick meal in Cordele. While many choose to find fault with young people of today, if you have not had the opportunity to be around your local youth participating in the JROTC program at your school you should take a moment to do so – your day will improve and your opinion of the future leaders of our country will brighten.
As I entered the Zaxby’s in Cordele along the I-75 corridor, I found myself grumbling, that after being on the road for nearly eighteen hours, I was now faced with an extended line of teenagers. Shortly upon entering the restaurant instead I did not find a boisterous unruly group instead I watched as the young folks treated each other with respect as well as those in and entering the restaurant. I decided that in place of ordering and eating while driving to instead sit and observe. I watched as their leader carried on conversations with the young cadets, individual students offered quite prayers before their meal, and most of all, the level of courtesy shown to their peers and others was beyond a level of adult behavior that many of us experience in today’s business or professional world.
While my father from south Georgia earned his Bronze Star for leading his platoon as one of the first landing parties on Guadalcanal in WW II, he would have had wishes that today’s young people would not be called upon for such duty, he would have observed your young citizens and rejoiced in knowing that they were on their way to becoming the leaders of our next generation.
Today I urge you to call your high school and education leaders to thank them for the work and leadership they are offering your communities children. At the same time, offer a special thank you to the leaders of your JROTC program and the students participating for their efforts of training and extra study to become tomorrow’s leaders.
Thank you to this special group of young folks for adding a bright ending to a long day.
Emory Johnson
Tallahassee, Fla.