Area beat: Oct. 10, 2015

Published 11:54 am Monday, October 12, 2015

Americus Fire & Emergency Services

• Firefighters responded to 12 calls for medical assistance.
• Firefighters responded to Pineview Drive to assist in lifting an invalid.
• Firefighters responded visited Furlow Charter School and read to students.
• Firefighters responded to Oak Avenue to help someone turnd off the water because the water heater was leaking.
• Firefighters responded to an alarm on Habitat Street where they found a water heater leaking. They assisted the occupant in water removal.
• Firefighters responded to East Lama Street to a traffic accident in which a vehicle had struck a building.
• Firefighters responded to West Lamar Street to a vehicle fire whefre they found a tractor trailer loaded with logs with smoke coming the left rear trailer tire. They used water to cool the bearing.
• Firefighters responded to Walter Way where they found an illegal burn in the backyard. The residents were advised on the city’s no-burn policy and extinguished it.
• Firefighters responded to an alarm on North Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard which had been activated by workers cleaning.

Americus Police Department

• Alvin D. Bateman, 54, of 412 Crawley St., Aemricus is charged with aggravated battery, and was jailed.
• Makita D. Bryant, 37, of 152 Stonewall Drive, Americus us charged with misdemeanor theft by taking.

Plains Police Department

• Wanessa M. Allen, 45, of Columbus is charged with driving while license is suspended or revoked and misdemeanor failure to appear in court for finger printable charge, and was released to the Plains Police Department.
• Tiffany N. Sims, 30, of 730 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Apt. 2-F, Americus is charged with simple battery, and was jailed.

Sumter County Sheriff’s Office

• Alonzo K. Jenkins, 34, of Vienna was arrested on a bench warrant and was returned to Pulaski County authorities.
• Carmen L. Mansfield, 56, of 103 Oakridge Drive, Americus is charged with agrgravate assault and two counts of obstruction of law enforcement officers, and was jailed.
• Mala N. Mulji, 20, of Duluth is charged with DUI, and was released on bond.
• Tyjerius K. White, 22, of 221 Horton Drive, Americus is charged with battery, and was jailed.
• Ashley N. Whitlock, 28, of 111 Lovers Lane, Smithville is charged with probation violation, and was jailed.
• Charlotte L. Williams, 32, of 720 Harris St., Apt. 33, Americus is charged with DUI and failure to keep in proper lane, and was released on bond.

• Zabia C. Solomon, 29, of 273-W Kelly Road, Ellaville is charged with child restraint violation.
• Arthur L. Style, 81, of 793-F Hawkins St., Americus is charged with child restraint violation.
• Glenn Vaughn, 50, of Covington is charged with speeding.
• Shirley W. Ward, 70, of Leesville, S.C., is charged with speeding (76 in a 55-mph zone).
• Jakira A. Watts, 24, of 111-A Waitsman Drive, Americus is charged with speeding.
• Jamaal A. Young, 27, of Dawson is charged with speeding.

Webster County Sheriff’s Office

• Michael L. Hughley, 39, of College Park was arrested on an outstanding warrant, and was released on bond.