Your opinion: Oct. 17, 2015

Published 10:32 am Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Beware pack of vicious dogs
Are you aware that there is a pack of dogs roaming the Historic District/Hancock/Harrold area? The pack of four dogs attacked and killed my cat at 2:30AM, Oct. 2 while I was out of town. My video surveillance system caught the attack on camera. Once I realized that I had video footage of the attack (Oct. 8th) I posted to “Accountable Americus” on FaceBook to warn everyone in the area about the danger. Since then I have received information about several other dead cats and several other encounters with the pack of dogs. According to the information that I have received, since my initial posting, these dogs/their parents were first reported in February and again in May and July. There are several reports of additional dead cats and two dead chickens which can probably be attributed to this pack of dogs. The pack has also been aggressive towards a woman in her own yard with a 115lb hound at her side. The video of the attack on my cat is extremely violent and the dogs are very vicious. Officer Johnson, with APD, took a report about the pack of dogs this morning and advises anyone who sees them to contact Animal Control. Please help get the word out to the public so that these dogs can be apprehended before another pet or even a child gets attacked.
Kerri Post