Reeves honored as statewide TCFA Benefactor of Year

Published 12:19 pm Wednesday, November 18, 2015

ATLANTA — South Georgia Technical College (SGTC) President Emeritus Lamar “Sparky” Reeves was honored recently as the statewide 2015 Technical College Foundation Association Benefactor of the Year at the annual Technical College System of Georgia Leadership Conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Atlanta in front of over 200 individuals.
“For over four decades, Sparky Reeves has provided significant leadership and financial support to South Georgia Technical College as well as the South Georgia Technical College Foundation. His ‘Every Day is Special’ philosophy has had a tremendous impact on the foundation, the college, its students, faculty and staff and the communities it serves,” said Janice Davis, acting president of SGTC.
It was because of that encouragement, guidance, and personal financial support from Sparky Reeves that the SGTC Foundation chose to nominate him as the 2015 Benefactor of the Year for the Technical College Foundation Association.
Each of the 22 Technical College Foundations in Georgia were given the opportunity to submit a recommendation for the Benefactor of the Year award.  The TCFA Benefactor of the Year award is a way to recognize outstanding contributions that individuals and companies make to their local technical college foundations.  The recipients of this award embody the ideals of philanthropy and leadership in the service to Georgia’s technical colleges. Benefactors are important advocates who help to build strong support for the college in its region and throughout the state and nation.
“The South Georgia Technical College Foundation enjoyed its greatest growth during the 11 years that Lamar ‘Sparky’ Reeves served as president of the college,” said SGTC Foundation Chairman Randy Jones. “The foundation grew 222 percent during those years and expanded its endowed scholarships from eight to 52. He also established the President’s Club recognition level for the foundation that has exceeded $1 million in annual gifts,” said Jones.
Sparky Reeves and his wife Allene established an endowed scholarship with the SGTC Foundation in 2010, which will recognize and reward the top student and top instructor from the college each year indefinitely. He was also instrumental in establishing the unique “Two Great Choices, One Great Community” partnership that combined the forces of SGTC, Georgia Southwestern State University, the City of Americus, Sumter County and local business leaders in 2007. Since that time over $100,000 has been donated for scholarships at the two institutions.
Reeves accepted the award and said that he was thankful for the recognition on behalf of the SGTC Foundation Trustees, board of directors, faculty, staff, and community members who have supported SGTC and its efforts over the past decades.
“I am very humbled by this honor, but this is truly a joint effort. I am so thankful for the support that South Georgia Technical College has received from board members, faculty, staff, businesses and industries, and community members. This award is really recognition for what the foundation and the college have been able to do because of that support.”
SGTC Acting President Davis said, “South Georgia Technical College is a better place today because of Sparky Reeves’ involvement. The Reeveses have established a legacy of service and generosity and we are grateful to him and his family.”
The Technical College System of Georgia Leadership Conference is held once a year and brings together the members of the State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia, the Technical College Directors’ Association and the Technical College Foundation Association, as well as the Technical College System of Georgia Commissioner, her senior staff, the technical college presidents and their institutional advancement staffs.
Roy Lee and Susan Smith were the recipients of this state-wide award in 2007 for the SGTC Foundation. Debbie Smith and Jimmy Whaley accepted the honor on behalf of their family.