Your opinion: Nov. 21, 2015

Published 1:00 pm Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Expand Medicaid now
The people in Americus and those around the state are having a hard time understanding why Georgia has chosen to ignore its moral and economic obligation by not expanding Medicaid. It is time to address those concerns now.
According to the Georgia Budget & Policy Institute, the state will save $148 million over the next four years if we opt into the Medicaid expansion program. Kentucky saw a 60 percent decrease in uncompensated care charges in 2014, a decrease from $1.9 billion to $766 million. They also project $108.9 million in total savings and revenue increases from existing funding sources in the first year and a half. This means our taxes don’t have to change in order to receive more state revenue. We lose money and are inefficient without the Medicaid Expansion program.
I am a veteran, I am a counselor, I am an active member of my community. I am no different than the thousands of other hard working Georgians in Americus who love and want to provide for their families. Unfortunately the healthcare system in Georgia is not set up to accommodate many of our loved ones. Why is it that if a single mother with 2 children makes more than $7,600 and less than $20,090, she isn’t able to qualify for subsidies on the healthcare marketplace? What sense does that make? And who are we to let this injustice continue?
When faced with a dilemma, we must face the challenges that are before us with integrity and a sense of duty. However, Medicaid expansion isn’t a dilemma at all. It is a nonpartisan issue that has somehow become wrapped up in party politics. We face tremendous challenges everyday, but I urge my elected officials to not make this complicated, because it isn’t. Expand Medicaid now.
Willie Golphin

Salvation Army needs your help to help others during Christmas
Local Salvation Army assists needy families during Christmas Can You Help !
Yes local citizens can assist the Salvation Army help needy families during Christ. The Salvation Army has an Angel tree with information needed to help families in our local community. You can go by the Salvation Army and take one of the angels and purchase item/s listed and return the new items back to the Salvation Army unwrapped. So be an anonymous blessing this Christmas through the Salvation Army. May God Bless You.
Wayne Gosa