Southland participates in One-Act Play competition

Published 10:00 am Tuesday, December 8, 2015

AMERICUS — Southland Academy attended the GISA 3AAA Region One-Act Competition on Nov. 9 at the historic Rylander Theatre in Americus.  Southland’s team presented the play “Lily Daw and the Three Ladies” which was dramatized by Ruth Perry from Eudora Welty’s story. Senior Jordan Sanders, who portrayed Lily Daw, won one of the five Best Actor awards presented at the event.
The following students were a part of Southland’s team.
Acting Roles:
Lilly Daw – Jordan Sanders (12th)
Ed Newton – Andrew McDonald (12th)
Aimee Slocum – Cynthia Jones (12th)
Bill Casey – Taylor Williams (11th)
Mrs. Etta Watts – Mary Margaret Turton (12th)
Mrs. Carson – Lydia Bass (10th)
Mrs. Benson – Lilli Dickens (10th)
Miss Lind – Farrah Sechrist (12th)
Young Man – Sam Usrey (10th)
Stage Hands:
Brent Allegood – Sound (11th)
Keely Dixon (12th)
Morgan Jones (11th)
Kathleen Kinslow – Lights (10TH)
Kendall Kirkland (11TH)
Rachel Minick (12th) Hair
Jayna Patel – Stage Manager (12TH)
Alex Roach (10th)
Stephen Turton (11TH)
Director/Coach:  Jane Odom