Ninth Grade Academy student recognized

Published 10:00 am Tuesday, December 22, 2015

AMERICUS — Aaron John Blaisdell Ndaayezwi is a name that people should get used to seeing in print.He is an exceptional young man. Prior to starting the ninth grade this year at Americus Sumter Ninth Grade Academy, he decided he wanted a challenge. With the support of his father, David Ndaayezwi, Ph.D., and Principal Coleman Price he took the SAT and was cleared to take college classes at Georgia Southwestern State University. The younger Ndaayezwi is not only a high school freshman, he is a college freshman as well.
This semester Ndaayezwi balanced Honors English, AP History, band, and college wlgebra. He expects to get three A’s and a B on his final report card and take several more college classes next semester. Outside of the school day he stays busy with music and sports. He is a member of the Americus Sumter High School Jazz Band, playing the trumpet since the sixth grade. He also plays tennis for the high school. His career goal is to work in biochemistry and develop bullet-proof skin for police and military.
Earlier this semester, Ndaayezwi travelled to the state capitol with the Junior Youth Assembly and debated against high school students from across the state. He did not do as well as some might have expected. He says he kept switching sides. Other students told him, “Hey you can’t do that,” but he shrugs and says he wanted to be different. Being different is something he has no problem accomplishing.
Aaron John Ndaayezwi is the son of David Ndaayezwi and Miriam Blaisdell Ndaayezwi. He has an older brother Joseph and younger siblings Emma and James.