Kyle Glenn Holcombe Memorial Scholarship awarded to Jon Austin Frazier

Published 10:00 am Wednesday, December 23, 2015

AMERICUS — The Kyle Glenn Holcombe Memorial Scholarship was presented to South Georgia Technical College (SGTC) electrical lineworker student Jon Austin Frazier of Carrollton recently.
The Kyle Glenn Holcombe Memorial Scholarship fund was established and endowed by Georgia Transmission and Aubrey Silvey Enterprises in memory of Kyle Glenn Holcombe, a 23-year-old electrical worker who was employed by Aubry Silvey Enterprises in Carrollton.
“I would like to thank the Holcombe family and South Georgia Technical College for this great scholarship,” said Frazier. “It is an honor to represent Kyle’s memory. This scholarship is a great help financially, but it also gives me the opportunity to make Kyle proud. I hope that Kyle will look down on me with pride and joy. I will always know that I have an angel looking over me.”
Frazier said that it has always been his dream to become a lineman like his grandfather, John Truitt, and work for the same co-op that he worked and retired from.
“My grandfather has always been my hero,” Frazier said. “He taught me the value of working hard, and being the man that you would want to work for you. It would be an honor to follow in his and Kyle’s footsteps.”
The 18-year-old electrical lineworker student also thanked his mother Christy Powell who worked hard to provide for all of his financial needs while growing up.
“My mother always made sure my sister and I had everything we needed and most of what we wanted,” he said. “That being said, there wasn’t anything left to go towards college for me to be able to reach my dream. I have worked since turning 16 to help lessen the burden on her financially, so receiving this scholarship has been instrumental in helping me reach my goal.”
The Kyle Glenn Holcombe Memorial Scholarship is the first scholarship designated specifically to the SGTC electrical lineworker program.
Kyle Glenn Holcombe was born Jan. 21, 1981, at North East Alabama Regional Medical Center in Anniston, Alabama. His parents are Glenn and Joni Holcombe of Fruithurst, Alabama. He was a loving, hardworking young man with many hopes and dreams and will be missed by his parents, as well as his sister, Tracy, and her husband Marc Mayfield, and their two children Annsley and Austen.
“We hope this scholarship will have a long lasting impact on the lives of the young men and women who will benefit from this gift,” said Kyle’s mother. “Kyle was an extraordinary young man and we hope that this scholarship will be a tribute to his memory as well as provide assistance to other deserving, outstanding students.”
The Kyle Glenn Holcombe Memorial Scholarship endowment will guarantee indefinite educational opportunities that will impact students at SGTC for many years. Each recipient of the Kyle Glenn Holcombe Memorial Scholarship will receive a photo of Kyle and a note from the family congratulating them on their accomplishment as well as give them some background information about the young man for whom the scholarship is named for.