Your opinion: Jan. 23, 2016

Published 11:00 am Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Start playing common sense offense on gun issue
Conversations abound currently, related to the 2nd Amendment, that invariably involve some type of proposal to control access to guns and hopefully, thereby, reduce “gun violence” in our often tumultuous society. In opposition to such suggestions you have staunch 2nd Amendment supporters saying that any type of extended gun control in any shape fashion or form is an attack on “We The People’s” God given right to bear arms.
I belong to the latter group and I have a, pardon the pun, “call to arms” for all of our so called conservative politicians and business leaders.
Let us stop playing defense and start playing common sense offense on the topic of “gun control”.
Let’s begin by giving law abiding citizens tax incentives, at both the State and Federal levels, for purchasing firearms. Let us then give additional tax incentives to the same individuals for purchasing licensed and certified training in the use of those same firearms. Finally, let us encourage businesses, including banks, hospitals, airports and others, through the use of tax incentives, to take those employees who have availed themselves of the previously mentioned tax breaks and training, to give those employees elevated levels of training so that we can eliminate “Gun Free Zones”. It is these very gun free zones that encourage the mass shootings by the cowardly and often times mentally ill criminals who do not follow any gun control efforts.
God Bless the once great US of A.
Robert Kite