Faculty, staff at Americus-Sumter High hold Bus Driver Appreciation Breakfast

Published 4:18 pm Sunday, January 31, 2016

AMERICUS — School Bus Driver Appreciation Day is set aside to recognize school bus drivers for the sacrifices they make each day carrying the county’s most precious cargo: school children. In order to honor those drivers, they were invited to breakfast at Americus-Sumter High School (ASHS).
“They do a wonderful job, sometimes under very difficult circumstances” getting so many students to and from school each day,” stated Kimothy Hadley, principal of ASHS.
Hadley encourages parents and students to take the time to thank their child’s bus driver.
“Our drivers are appreciated for all they do for our students and families,” said Hadley. “We have dedicated drivers, bus monitors and transportation staff, who do a fantastic job. They are an important part of our school system.”