Georgia Power issues statewide ‘scam’ warning for customers

Published 6:00 pm Tuesday, March 29, 2016

ATLANTA — Georgia Power continues to receive reports from customers of criminal “scam artists” attempting to defraud both business and residential customers by posing as Georgia Power employees. These imposters have been actively contacting customers throughout Georgia recently, indicating they are from Georgia Power and demanding immediate payment to avoid disconnection.
Criminals have been known to ask customers to provide credit card information over the phone, or to purchase a pre-paid debit card (Green Dot/MoneyPak) and provide the card’s account number, to avoid disconnection. Criminals are also asking customers to pay at places other than an authorized Georgia Power payment locations.
Georgia Power reminds customers to be cautious when contacted by an unverified person claiming to be a Georgia Power representative. The company: will never ask a customer to provide a credit card or pre-paid debit card number over the phone, does not send employees into the field to collect payment in person and will not ask a customer to pay anywhere other than a business office or authorized payment location.
Georgia Power also provides the following guidance for customers.
• If an account becomes past due, Georgia Power will contact the customer via a prerecorded message to the primary account telephone or by letter requesting that the customer call Georgia Power to discuss the account.
• If a customer receives a suspicious call from someone claiming to be from Georgia Power and demanding payment to avoid disconnection, the customer should contact the company’s 24-hour customer service line at 888-660-5890. Customers can also contact customer service via email at or stop by a local Georgia Power business office.
• If an employee needs to visit a customer’s home or business for a service-related issue, they will be in uniform and present a badge with a photo, their name and the company’s name and logo. They will also be in a vehicle marked with the company’s logo.
Georgia Power continues to work with law enforcement agencies throughout the state to identify and prosecute criminals who pose as Georgia Power employees in order to defraud customers.  Additional information about frequent scams and how the company works to protect customers is available at