Real estate transactions: April 9, 2016

Published 3:00 pm Monday, April 11, 2016

AMERICUS — The following real estate transactions were recently recorded in the Office of the Superior Court of Sumter County.
• Jacob Allen sold property at 3045 Ga. Highway 195 North valued at $30,000 to Joseph Beamon.
• Wesley Jones sold property at 114 Glenwood Road valued at $112,000 to Arthur Ewing.
• Rebecca Lee sold property at 417 Judy Lane valued at $72,400 to Nathan Mathis.
• Ocmulgee Fields Inc. sold property in Sumter County valued at $1,753,000 to Patrick Holloran.
• William Perry III sold property at 125 W. Hill St. valued at $95,000 to Margarita Nieto.
• Jimmy Nelson sold property at 120 Wilson St., Leslie, valued at $18,000 to Eduardo Jiminez.
• Carl Gamble sold property in Sumter County valued at $3,000 to Raymond Albritton.
• Wells Fargo Bank National sold property at 1213 Oglethorpe Ave. valued at $4,100 to Garabedian Properties, LLC.
• Larue Ambrose sold property at 105 Peyton Circle valued at $65,000 to Delores Diaz.
• James Lockerman sold property at 105 Peyton Cliff valued at $56,000 to Larue Ambrose.
• Michael Francis Sr. conveyed property at 971 Brady Road to M&K Francis Properties, LLC in an individual to company transfer.