DHS seeks promising youth to help create a stronger Georgia

Published 10:00 am Friday, April 22, 2016

ATLANTA — The Georgia Department of Human Services (DHS) is asking promising high school students who are passionate about helping create a stronger Georgia to participate in a new program. DHS Youth Empowerment Series (YES) works to support Georgia’s families by providing opportunities for empowerment, learning and community impact to youth.
“DHS YES looks to transform Georgia families by empowering youth to be tomorrow’s leaders,” says DHS Commissioner Robyn A. Crittenden. “It is our goal to provide youth the opportunity for their voice to be heard as they become agents of change in their community to create stronger families for a stronger Georgia.”
During the school year, DHS YES members will gather around the state and utilize their unique life experiences to create an environment to foster change and impact. YES members will develop their leadership skills through aiding meaningful conversation with state leadership, examining critical issues that face Georgia youth, and participating in community service.
There is no cost associated with applying to or completing the program. All expenses are covered if selected as a participant. To participate in the program, each applicant must meet the following requirements:
• Applicants must be currently enrolled in a Georgia high school
• Applicants must demonstrate ‘promise’ in the following areas
• Academic Achievement
• Attendance
• Discipline and Behavior
• Applicants must be passionate about enacting change in his/her community
• Applicants must be willing to be a representative of his/her peers
• Applicants must be willing to meet six times throughout the school year
The group will consist of up to 50 students from around the state of Georgia who will grow alongside each other throughout the school year. Participants are selected through an application and interview process. All applications are due May 6, 2016.

How to apply
• Download the application at dhs.georgia.gov/youth-empowerment-series-yes
• Complete and submit the application to one of the following
• E-mail: Kristyn.cherry@dhs.ga.gov
• Fax: 770-342-7506
• Mail: ATTN: Kristyn Cherry
Georgia Department of Human Services
Peachtree Street, N.W., Suite 29.262
Atlanta GA  30303-3142
• Ensure your two references have completed and submitted reference forms by the application deadline: May 6, 2016.
For more information on DHS YES, visit dhs.georgia.gov/youth-empowerment-series-yes