‘Summer Cafe’ opens in Ellaville

Published 2:36 pm Monday, May 23, 2016

ELLAVILLE — The New Corinth Baptist Church is excited to partner with Feeding the Valley Inc. in Columbus and local churches and youth organizations to sponsor the Summer Café which provides free summer meals to all children ages 18 and under in Schley County. There is no application or proof of income required.
The Summer Café will serve meals from 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. every weekday from now through the end of July at New Corinth Baptist Church, 220 S. Spivey St. in Ellaville.
All children will receive a hot, balanced meal including a meat, vegetables, fruit and milk or juice. The food is prepared by Safe Serve Certified Staff of Feeding the Valley Inc. and delivered to Ellaville in specially designed coolers to keep food either hot or cold.
The Summer Café is not based on income. It is available to all children ages 18 and under who live in Schley County. The coordinator will provide youth activities and games periodically throughout the program.
There is limited transportation available within the Ellaville City limits. Parents, grandparents, churches and civic organizations are also encouraged to transport children to the site.
In order to help keep a projected head count on participants, register your children by calling the program coordinator, Angeli S. Smith at 229-937-2139 or 229-942-1311. The church pastor, the Rev. Brian D. Ramey and the church family extend a warm welcome to all.

Respectfully yours,
Angeli S. Smith, Adjunct Instructor
South Georgia Technical College
900 South GA Tech Parkway
Americus, Georgia 31709
Phone: 229-931-2629

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