Health inspections: May 4, 2016

Published 9:00 pm Wednesday, May 25, 2016

AMERICUS — The following food service inspections were conducted recently by Sumter County Environmental Health.
• Bittersweet, 111 W. Forsyth St., Americus — Dec. 11, 2015 — 97 A
— Observed bottles with liquids/syrups/flavorings which had been taken out of original container which were not easily identifiable. Foods need to be labeled with common name when removed from original container. Corrected On-Site.
— Remarks: Using TPHC for thermoses of milk for customers. Discussed using thermoses for milk employees use to make drinks or place milk in bowl of ice so that employees would not be in and out of refrigerator so much.
• Brickyard Plantation RV Park II (tourist accommodation inspection), 1619 U.S. Highway 280 East, Americus — 100 A
• Buffalo Cafe at The Old Bank, 118 Main St., Plains — Dec. 30, 2015 — 85 B
— Observed sanitizer spray bottle for cleaning dining tables at too weak a concentration (less than 100 ppm). Corrective action: solution was remade to proper solution strength (200-300 ppm).
— Observed TCS foods (ham and barbecue pork) cold-held at greater than 41 degrees F. (49 and 58 degrees). These foods had been taken out of temperature control and allowed to rise in temperature during preparation. Corrective action: these foods were put into freezer to rapidly rechill to 41 degrees F. or colder. Employees should not leave TCS foods out for extended periods of time. Items that are frequently used could be placed on top of prep table on ice to cold hold at 41 degrees or colder or could use Time as the Public Health Control for TCS foods. Procedure would be needed to use TPHC. Corrected On-Site.
— Remarks: Recommend getting an additional cooler or prep table for cold-holding foods. Kitchen is really too small and it is difficult for workers to do their job efficiently.
• Burger King No. 4633, 922 E. Lamar St., Americus — Feb. 2 — 91 A
— Observed ready to eat foods stored next to raw animal foods (cinnamon rolls stored next to raw bacon and raw chicken, cooked chicken on top of raw chicken, employee beverages stored next to raw chicken patties). Corrective action: Ready to eat foods were moved to separate area, above or away from raw animal products.
— Remarks: using TPHC for lettuce and tomatoes on prep table. Discussed new food service rules and gave handouts.
• Cafe Campesino, 134 W. Lamar St., Americus — Feb. 8 — 96 A
— Observed the sanitizer buckets and sanitizer spray bottles reading above the required maximum sanitization level. Corrective action: Sanitizer buckets and spray bottle was diluted to the correct solution.
— Remarks: Already have given and spoken with the CFSM about the new food rules changes and handouts.