A Word from Sumter Cycling: City of Americus adopts Complete Streets Policy

Published 3:03 pm Friday, July 1, 2016

In 2012, the Georgia Department of Transportation adopted a statewide “Complete Streets” policy. But what are “complete streets?”
The best explanation comes from the National Complete Streets Coalition: “The streets of our cities and towns are an important part of the livability of our communities. They ought to be for everyone, whether young or old, motorist or bicyclist, walker or wheelchair user, bus rider or shopkeeper.”
But too many of our streets are designed only for speeding cars, or worse, creeping traffic jams.
Now, in communities across the country, a movement is growing to complete the streets. States, cities and towns are asking their planners and engineers to build road networks that are safer, more livable, and welcoming for everyone.
Instituting a complete streets policy ensures that transportation planners and engineers consistently design and operate the entire roadway with all users in mind – including bicyclists, public transportation vehicles and riders, and pedestrians of all ages and abilities.”
Mayor Barry Blount and the Council of the City of Americus desire to incorporate “Complete Streets” precepts into all future transportation planning and development for the City, and to show that support, the “Complete Streets Resolution” was passed in April 2016.
The River Valley Regional Commission, along with Sumter Cycling applaud our local government for the foresight and support of this initiative. Safe travel for all citizens is vitally important for the continued growth and development of our community.

-Submitted by Sumter Cycling