Traffic change at Highway 49 and East Forsyth Street

Published 9:55 am Wednesday, July 20, 2016

AMERICUS — The Georgia Department of Transportation has agreed to change the signage at the intersection of Ga. Highway 49 and Forsyth Street to allow right turns all the time after stopping. This is the intersection in front of Wendy’s.
Steve Kennedy, city manager, said the signal will not exclusively control the right turn movement. This change will allow for vehicles to continue to flow when traffic allows the right turn. This intersection has been under review for several months to make sure that changing the right turn action does not create an increased hazard to motorists.
This should minimize traffic backups for those motorists proceeding straight on Tripp Street because a turning vehicle cannot continue to move. New signage  is installed at the intersection to reflect the ability to make the continuous right turn.